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Adapter for use with devices such as the ESP8266, Arduino, laptops, etc and the Mozilla-IOT gateway from Based on code from the http-on-off-adapter (

Example Arduino/esp8266 sketch and example php code is at

The WoT API can be found at

When the adapter pairing is performed ("+" button on main page), this adapter scans a range of IP addresses defined in package.json for ESP8266/nodeMCU/Arduino/laptops/desktops/etc that respond with json data defining an IOT device. An ESP8266/Arduino example sketch and PHP code is included. The name, id and description returned in the json data should be unique for each device.

To use: Put files in the "gateway/src/addons/esp-adapter" folder. Edit the range of IP addresses in package.json. Edit the user/password for logging in to the devices. Power up all the ESP devices. Start the gateway. Login to the gateway (ex https://localhost:4443). Enable the adapter by clicking the "3 bars" in the top/left corner of the web browser. Click "Settings", then "Addons". You should see "esp-adapter" listed, click "Enable" if not already enabled. Return to the main page. Click the "+" in the bottom right of the web browser to start pairing. Save any devices.