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Current build: fred1475

Note: work in progress, port access doesnt work yet

If present, use the fred1475 tag instead of latest or master

This is an unofficial docker image for Freenet.

The binaries used are from the official Freenet releases. You can verify that they are trustworthy by checking the sha256 of each and comparing it to the official release files.


Just pull the image by tag:

docker pull infincia/docker-freenet

Then download the docker-compose.yml file found in the github repo, edit it to set the port and volume configuration the way you want it, then run it:

docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d

Alternatively you can run the image directly:

docker run --name freenet -v $HOME/freenet/data:/data -v $HOME/freenet/config:/conf -p -p infincia/docker-freenet

Afterward Freenet should be running, and you should be able to access fproxy on port 8888, either on the local machine or by connecting to it through an ssh tunnel:

ssh -L 8888: -N user@dockerhost


This image ships a set of Freenet binaries inside the image and properly separates them from user data, so that the image can be torn down and updated without risk of losing your configuration or identities (fms etc).

This image does not use the java wrapper and has Freenet auto-update disabled in favor of updating through Docker.

It is recommended that you continue to use it that way rather than turning on auto-update, as there will be runtime changes that the Docker image will account for that may not be handled otherwise.


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