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Latest commit d206a2d Feb 19, 2017 @steveatinfincia steveatinfincia v0.4.4
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.cargo [Build] add newline to cargo config Jan 27, 2017
SafeDriveSDK.xcodeproj v0.3.8 Jan 24, 2017
Wrappers v0.4.4 Feb 19, 2017
ci [Build] don’t strip binaries on linux Jan 29, 2017
dep [Build] reorganize dependencies in tree and artifact structure Jan 12, 2017
libsafedrive v0.4.4 Feb 19, 2017
safedrive v0.4.4 Feb 19, 2017
safedrived v0.4.4 Feb 19, 2017
.gitignore [Git] ignore test data Feb 14, 2017
.travis.yml [Build] pull releases from beta channel on travis Feb 19, 2017
Cargo.lock v0.4.4 Feb 19, 2017
Cargo.toml [Build] include debug symbols in release profiles Feb 9, 2017 [Project] drop sync from naming scheme Jan 10, 2017
appveyor.yml [Build] test on beta and nightly everywhere, update to Xcode 8.3 images Feb 19, 2017 [Build] add support for building libdbus but don’t enable it yet Feb 7, 2017
release.cmd [Build] don’t run cargo in verbose mode Jan 29, 2017 [Build] fix for cross compiling Jan 31, 2017
rustfmt.toml [Lint] add rustfmt prefs. unused for now, will be run on CI & git hooks Jan 10, 2017
safedrive-sdk.iml [Project] drop sync from naming scheme Jan 10, 2017 [Test] update C binary build flags Jan 12, 2017
unit.cmd [Build] use verbose logging for Windows unit tests Feb 13, 2017 [Build] fix for cross compiling Jan 31, 2017 [Project] automatically set framework version Jan 24, 2017
v120_xp.bat [Build] appveyor update Dec 29, 2016
v120_xp64.bat [Build] start building and testing windows x86_64 again Dec 31, 2016

SafeDrive SDK

This is the cross-platform SDK being developed for SafeDrive.

It is written in Rust and intended to be used from the C interface.