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Infinispan with Multi-tenancy @ OpenShift Demo

This demo shows how to deploy Infinispan on OpenShift cluster (with TLS/SNI), and connect to the Grid using Hot Rod client. The demo will use Passthrough Route which will allow clients to connect to it.

The code located in this repository provides implementation for Multi-tenancy blog post, which can be found here:


For running this demo you will need:

  • OpenShift Local Cluster (grab the installation files here)

  • KubeTail for observing multiplexed log files from OpenShift

  • Maven

How to run the demo?

  • Deploy it on OpenShift local cluster using ./

  • Look at the logs of cache-checker. Notice to what caches it has access to.

  • Look at the source of cache-checker application.

  • Try to change SSL Realm and/or Route. Did you notice the change?

  • Try accessing different caches.