.NET client for Infinispan, over the Hot Rod wire protocol
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C# Hot Rod Client


Build prerequisites:

Note: after unpacking IKVM please edit the .exe.config files in /bin and comment-out the "<supportedRuntime version="v2.0.50727"/>" element from all of them.

Documentation building requirements:

Package building requirements:

After you install the dependencies please update the PATH environment variable to include the bin/ directories of CMake, SWIG, Maven, NUnit, IKVM.

Build steps:

set NLOG_DLL=/path/to/nlog/2.1.0/dll
set NUNIT_DLL=/path/to/nunit.framework.dll

set HOTRODCPP_HOME=/path/to/native/64bit/client

set HOTROD_SNK=/path/to/key/to/be/generated
sn.exe -k %HOTROD_SNK%

set JBOSS_HOME=/path/to/hotrod/standalone/server

set PROTOBUF_PROTOC_EXECUTABLE_CS=/path/to/protoc.exe (typically C:\Users\%USERNAME%\google.grotobuf.install.dir\tools\protoc.exe}
set GOOGLE_PROTOBUF_NUPKG=/parent/folder/of/google.protobuf.install.dir  (typically C:\Users\%USERNAME%)
set OPENSSL_ROOT_DIR=/path/to/openssl/install/dir (typically C:\OpenSSL-Win64)

By default the build script will run the unit/integrations tests. If you want to disable them pass ENABLE_{JAVA,CSHARP}_TESTING=false as flags on the command line:


Any additional build.bat arguments you might add will be passed on to cmake during the build script generation phase.

After the script completes successfully you can find the .msi installer in the build_windows/ subdirectory.

Optionally you can build a bundle to include the .NET and C++ runtimes which are project dependencies.

Important: Make sure the runtimes to be bundled match the ones used for the actual build!

To build the bundle define:

set HOTROD_VCREDIST_x86=<path to vcredist_x86.exe>
set HOTROD_VCREDIST_x64=<path to vcredist_x64.exe>
set HOTROD_DOTNET=<path to the .NET runtime standalone installer>

and then pass -DHOTROD_BUILD_BUNDLE=true on the command line as argument to build.bat. After the build is complete you cand find the package in build_windows/ with a name ending in "-bundle.exe".

Support for building the client using Mono (http://www.mono-project.com) will be coming soon.

Reporting Issues

Infinispan uses JIRA for issue management, hosted on issues.jboss.org (https://issues.jboss.org/browse/HRCPP). You can log in using your jboss.org username and password.