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Infinispan Hadoop Build Status

Integrations with Apache Hadoop and related frameworks.


Version Infinispan Hadoop Java
0.1 8.0.x 2.x 8
0.2 8.2.x 2.x 8
0.3 9.4.x 2.x 3.x 8

InfinispanInputFormat and InfinispanOutputFormat

Implementation of Hadoop InputFormat and OutputFormat that allows reading and writing data to Infinispan Server with best data locality. Partitions are generated based on segment ownership and allows processing of data in a cache using multiple splits in parallel.

Maven Coordinates


Sample usage with Hadoop YARN mapreduce application:

import org.infinispan.hadoop.*;
import org.apache.hadoop.conf.Configuration;
import org.apache.hadoop.mapreduce.Job;

Configuration configuration = new Configuration();
String hosts = ";";

// Configures input/output caches
configuration.set(InfinispanConfiguration.INPUT_REMOTE_CACHE_SERVER_LIST, hosts);
configuration.set(InfinispanConfiguration.OUTPUT_REMOTE_CACHE_SERVER_LIST, hosts);

configuration.set(InfinispanConfiguration.INPUT_REMOTE_CACHE_NAME, "map-reduce-in");
configuration.set(InfinispanConfiguration.OUTPUT_REMOTE_CACHE_NAME, "map-reduce-out");

Job job = Job.getInstance(configuration, "Infinispan job");

// Map and Reduce implementation


Supported Configurations:

Name Description Default
hadoop.ispn.input.filter.factory The name of the filter factory deployed on the server to pre-filter data before reading null (no filtering) The name of cache where data will be read from "default" Batch size when reading from the cache 5000
hadoop.ispn.output.write.batch Batch size when writing to the cache 500
hadoop.ispn.input.remote.cache.servers List of servers of the input cache, in the format host1:port1;host2:port2 localhost:11222 The name of cache where job results will be written to "default"
hadoop.ispn.output.remote.cache.servers List of servers of the output cache, in the format host1:port1;host2:port2
hadoop.ispn.input.converter Class name with an implementation of org.infinispan.hadoop.KeyValueConverter, applied after reading from the cache null (no converting)
hadoop.ispn.output.converter Class name with an implementation of org.infinispan.hadoop.KeyValueConverter, applied before writing null (no converting)


Refer to


The $MAVEN_HOME/conf/settings.xml must contain credentials for the release repository. Add the following section in <servers>: