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Infinispan JBoss AS 7 Quickstart

This quickstart demonstrates how create a simple, clustered, cache on JBoss AS 7.1.

The example can be deployed using Maven from the command line or from Eclipse using JBoss Tools.

For more information, including how to set up Maven or JBoss Tools in Eclipse, refer to the Getting Started Guide.

Create a local cache using standalone mode

  1. Edit standalone/configuration/standalone.xml and add a cache

  2. Start the server by running bin/standalone.sh

  3. Package the app by running mvn clean package

  4. Deploy the app using the management console at http://localhost:9990

  5. Access the app at http://localhost:8080/infinispan-jboss-as7/home.jsf and put entries into the cache

Create a distributed data-grid using domain mode

  1. Edit domain/configuration/domain.xml and add a this cache container configuration to the full-ha profile:

  2. Ensure that you have an ha group starting, edit domain/configuration/host.xml, copy server-three to create a server-four, and change the port offset to 350. Set both server-three and server-four to auto-start="true" and server-one and server-two to auto-start="false".

  3. Change 'cluster-password' value in "urn:jboss:domain:messaging:1.1" subsystem to something else. For example:


  4. Start the domain by running bin/domain.sh

  5. Package the app by running mvn clean package

  6. Deploy the app using the management console at http://localhost:9990

  7. Access the app on both nodes (http://localhost:8330/infinispan-jboss-as7/home.jsf and http://localhost:8430/infinispan-jboss-as7/home.jsf) and put entries into the cache

Use the JBoss AS Maven plugin

  • To deploy the Infinispan subsystem use the following commands
    • mvn -Pstandalone-local jboss-as:add-resource for a local cache
    • mvn -Pdomain-distributed jboss-as:add-resource for a distributed cache
  • To deploy the application use mvn clean package jboss-as:deploy

Quick testing data-grid in domain mode

This quick start ships a .cli script in the root folder that automatically applies the AS7 container changes required to get the domain part of the quick start running. To run this script:

  • Start the domain in admin-only mode: ${JBOSS_HOME}/bin/domain.sh --admin-only
  • From the quickstart root folder, execute: ${JBOSS_HOME}/bin/jboss-cli.sh --file=datagrid-domain.cli
  • Restart the domain