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Clean up exception message

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1 parent 3193200 commit 41c0bef036d24c0440b35799611ae0f44b1d6f63 @maniksurtani maniksurtani committed with Mircea Markus Apr 5, 2013
@@ -109,7 +109,7 @@ public InvocationContext createInvocationContext(boolean isWrite, int keyCount)
public InvocationContext createInvocationContext(Transaction tx) {
- if (tx == null) throw new IllegalStateException("This is a tx cache!");
+ if (tx == null) throw new IllegalArgumentException("Cannot create a transactional context without a valid Transaction instance.");
LocalTxInvocationContext localContext = new LocalTxInvocationContext();
LocalTransaction localTransaction = transactionTable.getLocalTransaction(tx);

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