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Commits on Feb 26, 2015
  1. Galder Zamarreño wburns
Commits on Feb 25, 2015
  1. Sebastian Łaskawiec Galder Zamarreño

    ISPN-5202 maven.test.skip.exec replaced by skipTests

    slaskawi authored galderz committed
Commits on Feb 24, 2015
  1. Infinispan Release Scripts

    Fix release script

    infinispanrelease authored
  2. Adrian Nistor
  3. Adrian Nistor
  4. Gustavo Fernandes Adrian Nistor
Commits on Feb 20, 2015
  1. Karl von Randow Tristan Tarrant

    Correct state-transfer timeout default value in server xsd

    karlvr authored tristantarrant committed
    As changed in 67e188b
  2. Karl von Randow Tristan Tarrant

    Add state-transfer documentation for Infinispan server distributed an…

    karlvr authored tristantarrant committed
    …d replicated caches
  3. Dan Berindei Tristan Tarrant
  4. Dan Berindei Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-5166 During ST, previously removed entry was revived

    danberindei authored tristantarrant committed
    Ignore any topologies sent by the old coordinator after receiving the
    GET_STATUS command from the new coordinator.
  5. Dan Berindei Tristan Tarrant
  6. Pierre Sutra Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-3695 Atomic Object Factory

    otrack authored tristantarrant committed
  7. Ion Savin Tristan Tarrant
  8. Tristan Tarrant Ion Savin

    ISPN-5201 Bump versions, parsers and schemas to 7.2.x

    tristantarrant authored isavin committed
    Set release name
    Upgrade components: JGroups 3.6.2, Netty 4.0.25, Hibernate 4.3.8, Scala 2.11.5
  9. Gustavo Fernandes Tristan Tarrant
Commits on Feb 13, 2015
  1. Ion Savin Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-5204 Don't include old schema files in the documentation and jar…

    isavin authored tristantarrant committed
    Include in configdocs only the schemas for the current version.
    Don't include schemas from other versions in the jars and distribution.
    Include the spring .xsd in the distribution (it will be uploaded to the website from the distribution dir as well)
    Remove old schema files and references to them *-7.0.xsd
    Include the spring schema in configdocs/
  2. Paul Ferraro Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-5173 Allow subclasses of JGroupsTransport to override the initia…

    pferraro authored tristantarrant committed
    …lization of the rpc dispatcher.
  3. Alan Field Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-5156 Update JGroups configuration files to match recommended values

    alanfx authored tristantarrant committed
    Updated UDP configurations to set mcast/ucast_recv_buf_size
Commits on Feb 3, 2015
  1. Gustavo Fernandes Adrian Nistor

    ISPN-5199 TransportStackConfigurationIT failing

    gustavonalle authored anistor committed
  2. Gustavo Fernandes Adrian Nistor

    Fixed broken link to query.proto

    gustavonalle authored anistor committed
  3. Adrian Nistor
  4. Adrian Nistor
Commits on Feb 2, 2015
  1. Adrian Nistor
Commits on Jan 30, 2015
  1. Infinispan Release Scripts
  2. Sebastian Łaskawiec Galder Zamarreño

    ISPN-2886 CDI creates CacheManagers with custom names

    slaskawi authored galderz committed
    * Upgraded Shrinkwrap resolvers to more recent version
    * Cleaned up code throwing JmxDomainConflictException
    * Added additional parameter to the JmxDomainConflictException message
    * Removed unused unstable tests marker
  3. Adrian Nistor wburns
  4. Sebastian Łaskawiec

    ISPN-5127 LocalEntryRetrieverWithStoreAsBinaryTest

    slaskawi authored
    testFilterWithStoreAsBinaryPartialKeys random failures
    * Added some trace messages so it can diagnosed upon failure
    * Changed test to use a serializable type instead of String
Commits on Jan 29, 2015
  1. Tristan Tarrant Pedro Ruivo

    ISPN-4092 Actually return empty lists instead of nulls for new/old me…

    tristantarrant authored pruivo committed
    …mbers in events
  2. Tristan Tarrant Galder Zamarreño

    ISPN-5190 DefaultExecutorService throws ISE if constructed with Manag…

    tristantarrant authored galderz committed
Commits on Jan 28, 2015
  1. Alan Field Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-5156 Update JGroups configuration files to match recommended values

    alanfx authored tristantarrant committed
    Add embedded and server configurations for Google Compute Engine
  2. Tristan Tarrant
Commits on Jan 27, 2015
  1. Tristan Tarrant Pedro Ruivo
  2. Galder Zamarreño Tristan Tarrant
  3. Tristan Tarrant

    ISPN-5169 Created a new log message that doesn't say it's going to re…

    Kurt Lehrke authored tristantarrant committed
    …move the listener. Changed the other method name so it knows it includes a removing listener message.
  4. Galder Zamarreño Tristan Tarrant
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