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Commits on Jul 20, 2012
  1. @galderz
  2. @galderz
  3. @vblagoje @galderz

    fix broken build after map/reduce enhancements

    vblagoje authored galderz committed
Commits on Jul 19, 2012
  1. @galderz
  2. @galderz

    ISPN-1924 Make sure transactional tests will use volatile stores

    galderz authored
    * As well as speeding up tests, it avoids environmental issues when
    the file system is not accessible.
  3. @galderz

    ISPN-1924 Switch Spring module to new configuration API

    galderz authored
    * Further work needs to be done to avoid such tight coupling with
    individual configuration options in core Infinispan.
  4. @vblagoje @galderz
  5. @vblagoje @galderz

    Map/Reduce enhancements (ISPN-1665, ISPN-2116)

    vblagoje authored galderz committed
  6. @galderz
  7. @danberindei @galderz

    ISPN-2147 Subclasses of AbstractClusteredWriteSkewTest can hang becau…

    danberindei authored galderz committed
    …se of ISPN-2081
    Add a timeout for the updater tasks, and interrupt them if they take too long.
  8. @galderz
  9. @galderz


    n.tolstokulakov authored galderz committed
  10. @maniksurtani

    ISPN-2151 Upgrade master(5.2.x) to JGroups 3.1.0.FINAL

    Mircea Markus authored maniksurtani committed
  11. @kosch @galderz

    ISPN-2122 overwrote the rest of the original methods from File. Imple…

    kosch authored galderz committed
    …mentation for renameTo I'll avoid ATM. the current storage structure is suboptimal for this.
    removed forced syncs
    mark method deprecated
Commits on Jul 12, 2012
  1. @galderz

    ISPN-2139 Extend ping_on_startup to getCache to check if cache defined

    galderz authored Mircea Markus committed
  2. @galderz

    ISPN-2136 lock() call misuse should ignore fail silent flag

    galderz authored Mircea Markus committed
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. @galderz
  2. @anistor @galderz

    ISPN-1959 Reduce size of distribution bundle

    anistor authored galderz committed
    * add all runtime dependencies to a global lib dir inside the bundle so we avoid jar duplication and reduce the total size
    * for each infinispan module a runtime-classpath.txt file is generated and placed beside the jar
    * all bat and sh script in bin folder were updated to reflect these runtime classpath changes
    * exclude some unwanted folders from src bundle: ObjectStore, out, .idea ...
    * rename top folder inside zip bundle to be the same as zip name (used to be project name for all bundles without the src/bin/all suffix)
    * fix POM so tests are not executed while 'distribution' profile is active
    * 'all' and 'bin' bundles contained two unwanted 'main' and 'test' folders (were CDI sources)
    * no longer produce most "*-classes.jar" artifacts attached to WARs, except for rest server WAR (JDG seems to use *-classes.jar rather than the war)
Commits on Jul 6, 2012
  1. @mmarkus @galderz

    ISPN-1346 Transactional listeners method order problem

    mmarkus authored galderz committed
    added unit test to document and enforce the sequence of notifications on remote and local nodes.
  2. @mmarkus @galderz
  3. @anistor @galderz

    ISPN-2134 Convert TreeCache tests to new cache config API

    anistor authored galderz committed
    Replace all usages of the deprecated config API in tests
Commits on Jul 4, 2012
  1. @anistor

    ISPN-2128 infinispan-gridfs-webdav should contain log4j dependency

    anistor authored
    * add log4j dependency explicitly to infinispan-gridfs-webdav pom to pack it in war (otherwise log4j is marked optional by parent)
  2. @anistor @danberindei

    ISPN-2146 Switch to maven-surefire-plugin ver. 2.13 in order to fix s…

    anistor authored danberindei committed
    …urefire bug SUREFIRE-879
    * Add third party snapshot plugin repository
    * Switch to maven-surefire-plugin 2.13-SNAPSHOT
Commits on Jun 27, 2012
  1. @kosch

    ISPN-2124 switched to ServletContextListener instead of InitServlet a…

    kosch authored
    …nd fixed several bugs regarding WebDAV functionality
    fixed separator
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
  1. @Sanne

    Avoid some unneeded autoboxing

    Sanne authored
  2. @Sanne

    ISPN-2131 Test cleanup: remove unused test entity, avoid some autobox…

    Sanne authored
    …ing, remove unused imports
  3. @Sanne
  4. @Sanne
  5. @Sanne
  6. @Sanne
  7. @Sanne
  8. @Sanne
  9. @Sanne
  10. @Sanne
  11. @Sanne
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