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Commits on Dec 17, 2012
  1. 'Release Script: update versions for 5.2.0.Beta6'

    Mircea Markus authored
  2. @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2643 Update the mock transport in the Spring module

    tristantarrant authored Mircea Markus committed
  3. @anistor @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2366 Add declarative configuration for parsing new state transfe…

    anistor authored tristantarrant committed
    …r related config flag "waitForInitialStateTransferToComplete"
  4. @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2643 HotRod client should send writes to the primary owner to re…

    tristantarrant authored Mircea Markus committed
    …duce RPCs on the server
  5. @anistor

    ISPN-2646 Fix SimpleClusteredVersionGenerator to use the topology Id …

    anistor authored
    …instead of the view id. This change is required after introducing NBST.
  6. @anistor

    ISPN-2616 Fix write skew check in distributed mode in cases when the …

    anistor authored
    …value is not yet locally available because state transfer is not yet completed for the key
  7. @anistor

    ISPN-2362 Remove-inconsistency during NBST

    anistor authored
    * Add BaseDistStateTransferConsistencyTest and BaseReplStateTransferConsistencyTest (with subclasses for optimistic and pessimistic locking) to test ISPN-2362 and ISPN-2502
    * Add a new flag, Flag.PUT_FOR_STATE_TRANSFER to be use on put commands done by state transfer
    * LocalQueryInterceptor does not index modifications done by state transfer
    * Add a isFromStateTransfer flag to LocalTransaction that is set to true only for transactions done by state transfer
    * BaseRpcInterceptor and BaseBackupInterceptor do not send the command remotely if the transaction is flagged as created by state transfer
    * Add support in StateConsumer to keep track of keys updated by user code during state transfer: isKeyUpdated/addUpdatedKey/stopRecordingUpdatedKeys. Recording starts when rebalance begins and will end when rebalance ends or when a ClearCommand is executed.
    * The put command generated by state transfer in StateConsumerImpl is now transactional if the cache is transactional. We no longer use SKIP_LOCKING. This fixes ISPN-2502.
    * EntryWrappingInterceptor.commitEntryIfNeeded() notifies StateConsumerImpl of any user-updated keys. It also checks if the update is caused by state transfer and the key was previously updated by the user and does not allow the update if so. This ensures no user generated modifications are overwritten or undone by state transfer.
    * If the update is caused by state transfer, VersionedEntryWrappingInterceptor does not perform a write skew check and does not increment the version before executing prepare and commits the entry into DataContainer using the supplied version as is. We need to bypass incrementation in order to ensure the version is identical to the one on source node of the state transfer. Not doing so will cause subsequent user generated updates to fail due to write skew. Bypassing write skew checks in state transfer does not impact consistency because the state transfer PUT has lower priority than normal user-generated updates and is always rolled back if a user modification is committed before the state transfer PUT attempts to commit.
    * ReplaceCommand.toString() should also contain the key.
  8. @anistor

    ISPN-2366 Allow getCache() to return before the node receives any state

    anistor authored
    Add configuration option for StateTransferManagerImpl.waitForInitialStateTransferToComplete; default is 'true' to maintain pre-existing behaviour.
  9. @anistor


    anistor authored
    * Generify MultipleCacheManagersTest.advancedCache(..)
    * Remove superfluous "enabled = true" attribute from @Test annotations
    * Remove unused local variables in StateTransferManagerImpl.forwardCommandIfNeeded(..)
  10. @anistor

    Remove unused imports.

    anistor authored
  11. @vblagoje @galderz
Commits on Dec 14, 2012
  1. ISPN-2626 - XSite test suite doesn't work

    Mircea Markus authored
  2. @galderz @tristantarrant
  3. @galderz @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2597 HBase cache store working in paralell testsuite

    galderz authored tristantarrant committed
    * Use HBase test utilities to create a cluster designed to run on
    unit tests with minimal resources.
    * Get rid of embedded server helper class.
    * Use thread locals to create master nodes in different ports
    * HBase mbean instance already exist WARN message still thrown, but
    this is a bug in HBase's code which is not naming MBeans correctly.
    It doesn't affect testsuite completion though.
  4. @galderz @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2597 Make build work within 64 bit envs with limited resources

    galderz authored tristantarrant committed
    * Disable Cassandra and HBase modules whose testsuites consume
    far too many resources. They should be able to work within same
    JVM as the build to keep resource consumption reasonable.
    * Scala compiler memory has been increased and in 64 bit
    environments it uses compressed OOPs.
    * Switch lucene demo testsuite so that it never forks.
    * Definte transport protocol at root properties, otherwise when
    using plattform specific build options (32 bit vs 64 bit), the
    property is resolved too late and results in test failures.
  5. @tristantarrant
  6. @tristantarrant
  7. @tristantarrant
  8. @tristantarrant @anistor

    ISPN-2631 Declare the getCacheEntry() method on the AdvancedCache int…

    tristantarrant authored anistor committed
    …erface to allow the use of delegating caches (used by JDG)
  9. @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2552 Support concurrent updates for non-transactional caches

    Mircea Markus authored tristantarrant committed
    - refactored the distribution interceptor into NonTxDistributionInterceptor, L1NonTxInterceptor, TxDistributionInterceptor, L1NonTxInterceptor and BaseDistributionInterceptor
    - added support for concurrent writes for non-transactional distributed caches: NonTxConcurrentDistributionInterceptor
    - updated the xml parser in order to support concurrent writes for distributed caches configuration
  10. @saturnism @tristantarrant
Commits on Dec 13, 2012
  1. @galderz
  2. @danberindei
  3. @vblagoje @danberindei

    ISPN-2409 DefaultExecutorService failoverExecution does not rethrow

    vblagoje authored danberindei committed
    the root cause of the failure
  4. @galderz @tristantarrant

    ISPN-2553 Avoid cache marshaller being used before being started

    galderz authored tristantarrant committed
    * This is done by checking that the cache component registry is in
    RUNNING state, at which point the cache marshaller must be started.
  5. @tristantarrant @galderz

    ISPN-2628 Remove a useless method from ActivationManagerImpl which al…

    tristantarrant authored galderz committed
    …so happens to break the build
Commits on Dec 12, 2012
  1. @galderz @maniksurtani

    ISPN-2384 Avoid losing entries with concurrent passivation/activation

    galderz authored maniksurtani committed
    * Fixed by making sure that evicting an entry as a result of exciding
    the given max size is done within the internal hash map segment lock,
    and make sure activations happen within this lock too.
    * This way, concurrent passivation/activation operations will be lined
    in such way that removing from store (activation) won't happen at the
    same time as removing entries from memory without providing guarantees
    that the entry remains in memory.
    * Added a unit to replicate this entry loss.
    * Activation interceptor still needed to handle environments where
    eviction happens manually, via cache.evict() calls.
  2. @vblagoje @danberindei

    ISPN-2564 Send distributed tasks to cache members rather than the

    vblagoje authored danberindei committed
    entire cluster
  3. @tristantarrant @galderz
Commits on Dec 11, 2012
  1. @danberindei @vblagoje
  2. @danberindei @galderz

    ISPN-2572 ClusterTopologyManagerImpl doesn't update all cache topologies

    danberindei authored galderz committed
    after JGroups view update
    When one cache didn't need a topology update (e.g. because it had already
    processed a LEAVE command), none of the caches following it were updated.
    I replaced MergeAfterCoordinatorLeaveTest with ClusterTopologyManagerTest,
    which tests more scenarios (including the one in this bug).
Commits on Dec 10, 2012
  1. @tristantarrant @galderz
  2. @tristantarrant @galderz
  3. @galderz

    ISPN-2597 Re-enable HBase module but use more memory efficient options

    galderz authored
    * Also switch Scala maven plugin compile to using more memory efficient
    options in 64 bit machines.
Commits on Dec 7, 2012
  1. @tristantarrant @vblagoje
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