Commits on Jan 31, 2013
  1. 'Release Script: update versions for 5.2.0.Final'

    Mircea Markus
    Mircea Markus committed Jan 31, 2013
  2. ISPN-2778 When a cache is restarted, the LEAVE and JOIN commands are …

    danberindei authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 31, 2013
    …not ordered
    Make the LEAVE command synchronous. Since the cache start/shutdown is
    already synchronized, this will prevent the cache from restarting before
    the coordinator has removed it from the members list.
  3. ISPN-2483 State transfer issue with the transactions for which the or…

    danberindei authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 31, 2013
    …iginator has crashed
    Remove StaleTransactionCleanupService and clean the stale transactions
    explicitly from StateConcumerImpl.onTopologyUpdate, after applying any
    transferred transactions.
    Since now it's more likely to have stale transactions on the provider,
    the provider also checks if the originator has left the cache before
    sending a transaction.
Commits on Jan 30, 2013
  1. ISPN-2697 Add new flag to force a cache operation to be RSVP'd

    galderz authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 30, 2013
  2. ISPN-2776 MIMECacheEntry should implement equals() properly to allow …

    anistor authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 30, 2013
    …Cache.replace(oldValue, newValue) to work
    Equals compares contentType and data array.
  3. Some minor test improvements.

    anistor authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 30, 2013
  4. ISPN-2775 Wrap cachestore "complexTypes" in "elements" so that they

    tristantarrant authored and galderz committed Jan 30, 2013
    actually can be used as such
  5. ISPN-2665 - Multiple tests in ReplSyncDistributedExecutorTest failing…

    andyuk1986 authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 29, 2013
    … randomly
  6. ISPN-2773 Can't access a non-clustered cache via HotRod

    danberindei authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 30, 2013
    Check for a null RpcManager in AbstraceEncoder1x.getTopologyResponse.
  7. ISPN-2712 Initial state transfer doesn't appear to all be persisted w…

    anistor authored and Mircea Markus committed Jan 25, 2013
    …hen using eviction in a replicated cluster
    NBST uses transactional put commands to write the state and also forces local mode. Because local mode is forced TxInterceptor does not add the state transfer put command to the modification list of the transaction (no need to replicate the modification remotely). CacheStoreInterceptor relies on the modification list to later update the store when the transaction commits. Since the modification list is empty nothing is actually written to store causing this issue. The problem is not easily observable unless the cache uses eviction and the cache is transactional. For non-tx caches the modifications are written to store immediatelly and are not enqueued in a modification list until tx commit time so they are not affected by this bug.
    * Add short test to reproduce the scenario from MODE-1754 (works on 5.1.x and fails on 5.2)
    * Modify TxInterceptor to add all modfications to the transaction even if they are local only.
    * Modify AbstractCacheTransaction.getModifications() to filter out the local only modifications and to never return null (an empty collection is preferrable).
    * Add CacheTransaction/AbstractCacheTransaction.getAllModifications() to return all modifications including the local-only and use it in CacheStoreInterceptor instead of getModifications()/hasModifications().
    * CacheStoreInterceptor.prepareCacheLoader checks every modification if they should be skiped before converting them with StoreModificationsBuilder. This is needed to ensure modifications with SKIP_CACHE_STORE do not get through. Previously this was an issue but it was never observed because SKIP_CACHE_STORE was usually used in conjunction with CACHE_MODE_LOCAL which meant the modification was already ignored.
  8. MultipleCacheManagersTest.killMember should remove the killed member

    danberindei authored and anistor committed Jan 29, 2013
    from the cache managers list
  9. ISPN-2150 Data Rehash Event: getMembersAtStart/End returns empty set

    anistor committed Jan 29, 2013
    * Remove membersAtStart, membersAtEnd collections from EventImpl. These can be derived from the CHes.
    * Re-implement getMembersAtStart/End to return the members from the corresponding CH if not null or return an empty collection otherwise.
    * Remove some unused methods from EventImpl.
  10. ISPN-2764 DataRehashEvent with pre == false has null getConsistentHas…

    anistor committed Jan 28, 2013
    StateConsumerImpl should record the CH at the time rebalance was started and the current CH when it ends and use these for broadcasting the DataRehashedEvent(pre==false). The old code was broadcasting currentCH (for oldCH) and null (for newCH).
  11. ISPN-2662 Invalid formatting character in TxCompletionNotificationCom…

    anistor committed Jan 28, 2013
    Fix typo in trace log.
Commits on Jan 28, 2013
Commits on Jan 27, 2013
  1. ISPN-2756 Enabling/disabling RpcManager statistics via JMX doesn't work

    danberindei committed Jan 27, 2013
    Remove some duplicate @ManagedAttribute annotations for the same JMX
    attribute and change ResourceDMBean to fail when it finds such duplicates.
Commits on Jan 25, 2013
  1. ISPN-2647 ReplaceCommand does not perform any modifications if the en…

    anistor authored and galderz committed Jan 25, 2013
    …try was not yet transfered during rehashing
    Fixes distributed case only. The replicated case still fails, so the test is still disabled.
    * Add more trace logging
    * Extend consistency tests to also cover putIfAbsent
    * TxDistributionInterceptor will do a remoteGetBeforeWrite() if the command is conditional
  2. ISPN-2754 Fix the infinispan-config-5.2.xsd schema to allow multiple …

    tristantarrant authored and galderz committed Jan 25, 2013
    …"external" stores (i.e. declared in other schemas)
  3. ISPN-2581 Create unit test for state transfer completion

    anistor authored and galderz committed Jan 24, 2013
    * Proove that config option StateTransferConfiguration.awaitInitialTransfer()
    is honored correctly.
    * Removed dead code.
    * Log exceptions encountered during command execution as errors
Commits on Jan 24, 2013
  1. ISPN-2715 - org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce.TopologyAwareTwoNodesMa…

    andyuk1986 authored and danberindei committed Jan 23, 2013
    …pReduceTest.testCombinerDoesNotChangeResult test fails randomly
  2. ISPN-2611 Drop rhq-pluginAnnotations and rhq-pluginGen

    tristantarrant authored and galderz committed Dec 8, 2012
    ISPN-2745 Add missing operations and parameter names/descriptions
  3. ISPN-2738 Joining node ignored by hotrod clients in REPL clustering mode

    danberindei authored and galderz committed Jan 24, 2013
    Skip the topology update if the cache members aren't all in the address
    cache. Do the check in AbstractEncoder1x.generateTopologyResponse, so that
    it works for all topology types (i.e. also for replicated caches).
  4. ISPN-2736 ConcurrentModificationException in StateRequestCommand

    anistor authored and galderz committed Jan 23, 2013
    The lock collections are already synchronized so all we need to do is to add synchronization on them around the iteration.
  5. ISPN-2581 StateTransferManagerImpl.waitForInitialStateTransferToCompl…

    danberindei committed Jan 24, 2013
    …ete() returns too soon
    Don't flag the initial state transfer as complete as soon as we send the
    rebalance confirmation to the coordinator. It will be flagged while
    processing the next topology update.
  6. ISPN-2714 - org.infinispan.distexec.mapreduce.TopologyAwareTwoNodesMa…

    andyuk1986 authored and galderz committed Jan 23, 2013
    …pReduceTest.testInvokeMapperCancellation test fails randomly