Commits on Mar 9, 2013
  1. 5.2.4.Final

    tristantarrant committed Mar 9, 2013
  2. ISPN-2847 Puts done by state transfer can fail with TimeoutException …

    anistor committed with danberindei Mar 8, 2013
    …if lock cannot be acquired
    A state transfer transaction should not wait for the backup locks of other transactions
Commits on Mar 7, 2013
  1. Enabling tests that were disabled due to ISPN-2106 (no longer relevan…

    anistor committed Mar 7, 2013
    …t on 5.2 and tests seem to work)
  2. Introduce a common base class for replication and distribution interc…

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Mar 7, 2013
    …eptors for code reuse
    Move some methods from DistributionManager to BaseDistributionInterceptor.
  3. ISPN-2757 ReplaceCommand in REPL mode cluster does not perform any mo…

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Mar 7, 2013
    …difications if the entry was not yet transfered during rehashing
    * ReplicationInterceptor needs to be smart an if the command is conditional but the affected value is not yet available locally because state transfer did not have the chance to fetch it yet then we should fetch it now.
    * The whole logic where the coordinator is the main lock owner has to be replaced to use the first topology member rather than the coordinator (the coordinator might not even run the cache in question)
    * ClusteringDependentLogic needs to be split in separate implementations for each cache mode
  4. ISPN-2777 ReplicatedConsistentHash.isKeyLocalToNode(node, key) should…

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Mar 7, 2013
    … return false if the node is not a member yet
    * Also added some sanity checks to detect illegal usage.
    * Fix incomplete transport mocking in PutForExternalReadTest.testExceptionSuppression and resolve some generics related compiler warnings.
  5. ISPN-2897 NPE in DefaultConsistentHash

    danberindei committed with Mircea Markus Mar 7, 2013
    If any partition is rebalancing during a merge, the merge coordinator
    should end the rebalance it and start a new one with all the members.
Commits on Mar 6, 2013
  1. ISPN-2825 ClusterTopologyManagerImpl should not hold a lock while inv…

    danberindei committed with Mircea Markus Mar 5, 2013
    …oking an RPC
    If the REBALANCE_START command takes a long time to be processed on
    one of the nodes, the REBALANCE_CONFIRM commands from the rest of
    the nodes are blocked and end up filling the OOB thread pool.
    Add two new tests for large clusters.
    Move CacheCreationStressTest to the profiling group.
Commits on Mar 5, 2013
  1. ISPN-2865 Error calling clear() via JMX on a transactional cache with…

    Mircea Markus committed with tristantarrant Mar 5, 2013
    … autoCommit=false
  2. ISPN-2888 is ignored when registering JMX ope…

    Mircea Markus committed with tristantarrant Mar 5, 2013
  3. ISPN-2787 NPE after ReplaceCommand

    anistor committed Mar 5, 2013
    Assert the expected exception is thrown in MergeDuringReplaceTest
  4. ISPN-2787 NPE after ReplaceCommand

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Mar 4, 2013
    * Add MergeDuringReplaceTest to reproduce the issue.
    * Fix one of the ControlledRpcManager.invokeRemotely methods that was ignoring the actual result and was always returning null.
    * Minor logging improvements to be able to debug this issue.
    * Remove harmfull optimization from RpcManagerImpl.invokeRemotely(Collection<Address> recipients, ReplicableCommand rpcCommand, ResponseMode mode, long timeout, boolean usePriorityQueue, ResponseFilter responseFilter) that was not going remotely and neither threw any exception if the destinations were no longer in cluster and current node was the only member.
  5. ISPN-2885 Expose parameter names in MBean metadata

    tristantarrant committed Mar 4, 2013
    ISPN-2883 Use special naming to overcome JMX method overloading with RHQ
    operation name uniqueness
Commits on Mar 1, 2013
  1. ISPN-2814 Fixed issue where SingleRpcCommand was always forcing the

    wburns committed with danberindei Feb 11, 2013
    command to not return a value.
  2. ISPN-2868 Align help pages to the actual implementation of commands

    tristantarrant committed Feb 27, 2013
              Disable the built-in alias command for now (until AEsh supports persistence
              Create the config dir if it doesn't exist to persist configuration
Commits on Feb 28, 2013
  1. ISPN-2796 ConcurrentCacheManagerTest.testConcurrentGetCacheCalls hang…

    danberindei committed with Mircea Markus Feb 28, 2013
    …s the test suite (randomly)
    * DefaultCacheManager.wireAndStartCache didn't open the cache latch if
      it failed to inject all dependencies, blocking all other threads.
    * ComponentRegistry.getOrCreateComponent was not atomic if the component
      was cache-scoped and the factory was global-scoped.
  2. ISPN-2846 OperationsDuringStateTransferTest fails if run on non-tx cache

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Feb 28, 2013
    * Refactor OperationsDuringStateTransferTest into sublasses to test with and without TX; also add tests for put and remove operations
    * NonTxDistributionInterceptor fetches remotely the value before executing a write command if the transfer of the key is in progress and the key is not available in the local data container. If the remote fetch returns null a local lookup is reattempted.
  3. Various interceptor cleanups

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Feb 28, 2013
    * Remove unnecessary members in NonTransactionalLockingInterceptor
    * Make some members private in TxDistributionInterceptor
    * Fix typos in ConditionalOperationsConcurrentTest and make some members final
    * Remove unused methods from BaseDistFunctionalTest and move method BaseDistFunctionalTest.createNewConsistentHash to ConsistentHashPerfTest where it is used
Commits on Feb 27, 2013
  1. ISPN-2860 RHQ plugin should ignore spurious MBeans returned by the AS…

    tristantarrant committed with Mircea Markus Feb 26, 2013
    …7 MBeanServer
              Add missing displayNames to attributes and operations
              Make the RHQ plugin descriptor generator throw an exception if an attribute or operation is missing the displayName
  2. ISPN-2867 Use System.exit() to quit the CLI to workaround the fact th…

    tristantarrant committed with Mircea Markus Feb 26, 2013
    …at JBoss Remoting leaves threads hanging
Commits on Feb 26, 2013
Commits on Feb 25, 2013
  1. ISPN-2850 Proper documentation for the stats command

    tristantarrant committed with Mircea Markus Feb 25, 2013
  2. ISPN-2845 CLONE - ISPN000136: Execution error: java.lang.NullPointerE…

    anistor committed with Mircea Markus Feb 22, 2013
    …xception -> JBAS018079: Failed to passivate session
    CacheImpl.evict() during a batch leads to NPE in AbstractTxInvocationContext.clearLockedKeys because no transaction is actually started. This is caused by BatchingInterceptor replacing the non-transactional context of the evict command with a new transactional context for no reason - evict() is never transactional.
Commits on Feb 22, 2013
Commits on Feb 21, 2013
  1. ISPN-2788 NullPointerException appears in case passing null as an exc…

    Sanne committed Feb 21, 2013
    …lusion list to LuceneCacheLoader.loadAllKeys()
  2. Ensure ConditionalOperationsConcurrentTest worker threads stop at the…

    danberindei committed Feb 21, 2013
    … end
    of each test method.
  3. ISPN-2688 BaseDistributionInterceptor and TxDistributionInterceptor d…

    anistor committed with danberindei Feb 20, 2013
    …o not detect properly if the key needs to be fetched remotely
    Fixes TxDistributionInterceptor by doing an extra local lookup if the value returned by method remoteGetAndStoreInL1() is null.
    If there was a state transfer in progress at the time TxDistributionInterceptor tried to determine if it needs to go remotely or not the decision might be invalid now and the value might be available locally.
    The non-tx case is differrently implemented and is not fixed. Added OperationsDuringStateTransferTest to highlight the issue.
  4. ISPN-2839 Method boolean Cache.replace(K key, V oldValue, V value) (a…

    anistor committed with danberindei Feb 20, 2013
    …nd variants) should guard against null oldValue parameter
    Add explicit null check and test case to cover it.