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Commits on Jul 12, 2012
  1. @galderz

    ISPN-2139 Extend ping_on_startup to getCache to check if cache defined

    galderz authored Mircea Markus committed
  2. @galderz

    ISPN-2136 lock() call misuse should ignore fail silent flag

    galderz authored Mircea Markus committed
Commits on Jul 11, 2012
  1. @galderz
  2. @anistor @galderz

    ISPN-1959 Reduce size of distribution bundle

    anistor authored galderz committed
    * add all runtime dependencies to a global lib dir inside the bundle so we avoid jar duplication and reduce the total size
    * for each infinispan module a runtime-classpath.txt file is generated and placed beside the jar
    * all bat and sh script in bin folder were updated to reflect these runtime classpath changes
    * exclude some unwanted folders from src bundle: ObjectStore, out, .idea ...
    * rename top folder inside zip bundle to be the same as zip name (used to be project name for all bundles without the src/bin/all suffix)
    * fix POM so tests are not executed while 'distribution' profile is active
    * 'all' and 'bin' bundles contained two unwanted 'main' and 'test' folders (were CDI sources)
    * no longer produce most "*-classes.jar" artifacts attached to WARs, except for rest server WAR (JDG seems to use *-classes.jar rather than the war)
Commits on Jul 6, 2012
  1. @mmarkus @galderz

    ISPN-1346 Transactional listeners method order problem

    mmarkus authored galderz committed
    added unit test to document and enforce the sequence of notifications on remote and local nodes.
  2. @mmarkus @galderz
  3. @anistor @galderz

    ISPN-2134 Convert TreeCache tests to new cache config API

    anistor authored galderz committed
    Replace all usages of the deprecated config API in tests
Commits on Jul 4, 2012
  1. @anistor

    ISPN-2128 infinispan-gridfs-webdav should contain log4j dependency

    anistor authored
    * add log4j dependency explicitly to infinispan-gridfs-webdav pom to pack it in war (otherwise log4j is marked optional by parent)
  2. @anistor @danberindei

    ISPN-2146 Switch to maven-surefire-plugin ver. 2.13 in order to fix s…

    anistor authored danberindei committed
    …urefire bug SUREFIRE-879
    * Add third party snapshot plugin repository
    * Switch to maven-surefire-plugin 2.13-SNAPSHOT
Commits on Jun 27, 2012
  1. @kosch

    ISPN-2124 switched to ServletContextListener instead of InitServlet a…

    kosch authored
    …nd fixed several bugs regarding WebDAV functionality
    fixed separator
Commits on Jun 26, 2012
  1. @Sanne

    Avoid some unneeded autoboxing

    Sanne authored
  2. @Sanne

    ISPN-2131 Test cleanup: remove unused test entity, avoid some autobox…

    Sanne authored
    …ing, remove unused imports
  3. @Sanne
  4. @Sanne
  5. @Sanne
  6. @Sanne
  7. @Sanne
  8. @Sanne
  9. @Sanne
  10. @Sanne
  11. @Sanne
  12. @Sanne
  13. @Sanne
  14. @Sanne
  15. @Sanne
  16. @Sanne
  17. @Sanne
Commits on Jun 22, 2012
  1. @galderz @danberindei

    ISPN-2117 Update reporting Maven plugins

    galderz authored danberindei committed
  2. @danberindei @galderz
  3. @tristantarrant @galderz

    ISPN-2126 add support for unquoted string literals

    tristantarrant authored galderz committed
  4. @mmarkus @galderz

    ISPN-1877 Read only caches are also added as transaction resources

    mmarkus authored galderz committed
    - added UT to show that there are no RPCs in the case of a read-only transaction
  5. @tristantarrant @galderz

    ISPN-2119 Use sessions for the CLI

    tristantarrant authored galderz committed
  6. @pmuir @galderz

    ISPN-1962, lazy register cache managers etc.

    pmuir authored galderz committed
  7. @Sanne
  8. @galderz @Sanne

    ISPN-2120 When calculating stats, only count local operations

    galderz authored Sanne committed
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