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Commits on Mar 13, 2015
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-5275 Verify that eager near cache doesn't obtain existing entrie…
…s upon connecting
Commits on Mar 16, 2015
@wburns wburns ISPN-3023 Re-implement BoundedConcurrentHashMap using CHMv8 designs
* Added in initial commit for baseline ECHMV8
@wburns wburns ISPN-3023 Re-implement BoundedConcurrentHashMap using CHMv8 designs
* Added new LRU & LIRS implementations
@anistor anistor ISPN-5257 ClusterListenerReplicateCallable should wire the filter and…
… converter with the needed dependecies
@anistor anistor ISPN-5231 Do not hardcode group id in pom e2b5f10
@anistor anistor ISPN-5231 CacheNotifierImpl should wire the listener and converter wi…
…th dependecies from ComponentRegistry

* add CacheEventFilterConverterAsKeyValueFilterConverter

* provide dependecy injection to: CompositeKeyFilter, CompositeKeyValueFilter, KeyFilterAsKeyValueFilter,
 KeyValueFilterAsKeyFilter, CacheEventConverterAsConverter, CacheEventFilterAsKeyValueFilter,
CompositeCacheEventFilter, ConverterAsCacheEventConverter, KeyFilterAsCacheEventFilter, KeyValueFilterAsCacheEventFilter

* provide externalizers for: CompositeKeyFilter, KeyValueFilterAsKeyFilter
@anistor anistor ISPN-5300 CacheEventFilterAsKeyValueFilter must pass the value and me…
…tadata as 'new' to the underlying CacheEventFilter
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5301 Make CompositeNotifyingFuture more generic d3ad2e4
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5262 StateTransfer considerably slow with sync indexing 0ce9ec9
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5302 Fix demos which are causing errors when run from the -all d…
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5303 Remove EC2 demos 229607e
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5258 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.1.1.Final, Apache Lucene 4.10.4 d5429ef
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5258 Remove redundant version property 43f2905
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5258 Update alias to Infinispan for hibernate search module df96068
@galderz galderz ISPN-5221 Handle SocketTimeoutExceptions when reading events
* Retry reading the event when SocketTimeoutExceptions are reported.
@isavin isavin ISPN-5295 Remote cache entries with sub-second lifetime never expire 9ce3b43
Commits on Mar 17, 2015
@isavin isavin Fix broken documentation formatting. fdc7636
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5255 Ported infinispan directory tests from hibernate search master
ISPN-5255 Removed unused files
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5255 Removed hardcoded module slot 5a9132e
Commits on Mar 18, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5208 Avoid installing empty views and log WARN msgs
* Do not install empty topologies in clients.
* If empty topologies are discovered, log WARN messages with further
debugging information.
* Custom event test fails due to timestamp precision issue with
date/milliseconds time, use nano time instead.
Commits on Mar 19, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5283 HotRod client should try to recover from full shutdowns 4018b36
Commits on Mar 23, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5294 Metadata persister should cope with empty src/main/resources f439428
@galderz galderz ISPN-5313 FAQ on the different filter packages e36600a
Commits on Mar 24, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5174 Transaction cannot be recommitted after ownership changes
Mark the transaction as completed only during the completion notification
command, and allow the commit to be replayed.
@rhusar rhusar Missing deprecation on AbstractGlobalConfigurationBuilder#asyncTransp…
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-5139 Fix trace logs of clustered interceptors 767bbd3
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-5321 Remove from test assumption about order of state transfert …

These are now processed asynchonously, changed in 0ce9ec9
Commits on Mar 25, 2015
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5315 Tight loop on ClientListenerNotifier 10e4b97
@rhusar rhusar Use generics in ThreadPoolExecutorFactory properly to avoid compiler …
@anistor anistor ISPN-5304 WildFly module org/infinispan/client/hotrod/ispn-7.2 is dif…
…ferent if installed with library or HR-client
@anistor anistor ISPN-5325 Upgrade to protostream-3.0.1.Final e229a0a
@galderz galderz ISPN-5251 Near cache size must be provided 45cef19
@galderz galderz ISPN-5208 Segments in topologies should always have at least 1 owner b1b3322
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5243 Configuration Value wrappers 59dc4df
@mgencur mgencur ISPN-5324 Create extended RemoteCacheManager for testing purposes 934b8ca
Commits on Mar 26, 2015
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5195 ISPN-5205 Reproducing ExpirationTrackingInterceptor error 626a106
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5195 ISPN-5205 Avoid ExpirationTrackingInterceptor exception
* Forcing the InjectedCacheResolver to use the same EmbeddedCacheManager
provided through CDI injection.
@onagano-rh onagano-rh ISPN-5252 Override toString() of org.infinispan.registry.ScopedKey c5f4bc3
Commits on Mar 27, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5243 Micro fix to transport property handling and xsite configur…
@vblagoje vblagoje ISPN-5331 Enable node statistics with global jmx enabled flag bde14ed
Commits on Mar 30, 2015
@rvansa rvansa ISPN-5335 ConfigurationBuilder with custom interceptor leads to share…
…d interceptor
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5131 Deployable Cache Stores implementation
* Introduced CacheStoreFactory and CacheStoreFactoryRegistry in order to control Cache Stores instantiation in pluggable fashion
* Added processors for all kind of Custom Cache Stores in Infinispan subsystem
* Added DeployedStoreConfiguration and DeployedStoreConfigurationBuilder to allow lazy instantiation of Custom Stores
Commits on Apr 01, 2015
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5335 ConfigurationBuilder with custom interceptor leads to share…
…d instance

* fix extended stats module. it invokes the setup multiple times.
Commits on Apr 02, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Remove references to the "enabled" attribute from the compatibility e…
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5344 Revert unintentional change that made all caches inherit fr…
…om default
Commits on Apr 07, 2015
@vblagoje vblagoje ISPN-5242 Adjust inconsistencies between local-cache and clustered-ca…
…che statistics
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5332 Expose an 'unwrap style' method to expose the SearchIntegra…
…tor and SearchManagerImplementor to advanced users
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5332 Update the HotRod Client and Remote Query modules to the ne…
…w lookup strategy for SearchIntegrator
@alesj alesj ISPN-5346 Delegate shouldRemove() to SearchWorkCreator. 1e69cb3
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5346 Added test a3b7213
@wburns wburns ISPN-5264 Optimize PutAll operations (library mode)
* PutAll now only sends needed data to appropriate nodes
* Added segment aware collections to avoid copying collections
@wburns wburns ISPN-5266 Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)
* Implemented very basic putAll for RemoteCache
@wburns wburns ISPN-5266 Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)
* Added entry checkpoint to more efficiently read from netty
@wburns wburns ISPN-5266 Optimize PutAll operations (Hot Rod)
* Added some perf tests
@galderz galderz ISPN-5314 Increase worker thread pool in SocketTimeoutException tests
* Increasing worker thread pool size avoids propagating SocketTEs into
operations executed after the SocketTimeoutException has been thrown
back to the client.
@wburns wburns ISPN-5264 Optimize PutAll operations (library mode)
* Reverted unintentional change
Commits on Apr 08, 2015
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5195 ISPN-5205 Refactoring cf64dbd
@galderz galderz ISPN-3361 Fix REST server integration test regressions 81b1229
@wburns wburns ISPN-5306 Eviction should allow for long size configuration
* Changed eviction to use long instead of int
Commits on Apr 09, 2015
@wburns wburns ISPN-5264 Optimize PutAll operations (library mode)
* Added some additional changes per comments
* Added back in waiting for future which was causing test failures
@pferraro pferraro Fix method signature fluency of & TakeOffl…
@pferraro pferraro Fix fluency of SitesConfigurationBuilder.disableBackups(...) ba96823
Commits on Apr 10, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5359 Drop old (<1.4) server parsers 8d1036b
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5355 Fix a misconception in the BackupForNotSpecifiedTest that c…
…aches inherit from the default cache
@wburns wburns ISPN-5371 Cache.putAll doesn't work properly when combatibility is

* Added in code for type converter
* Added in proper decorator method for remote putAll invocation
Commits on Apr 13, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5369 SuspectException can be thrown without the target node leaving
the JGroups view

Ignore SUSPECT events in the request correlator
Commits on Apr 14, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-3361 ExpirationIT has wrong assumptions about expiration
* Without any lifespan/maxIdle parameter, entries live forever in
REST server. 0 must be passed in for REST to use configured defaults
as indicated in the documentation.
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5147 Wrap all attribute/resources in RestartParent*Handlers so t…
…hat changes to a cache do not require a server reload
@vblagoje vblagoje ISPN-5365 JmxManagementIT.testCacheStatisticsAttributes always fails cd533db
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5375 Make evict and get commands codec-aware ed04934
Commits on Apr 15, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5351 Provide customizable attribute copiers bb9100e
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5368 Out of order events produced when using the MassIndexer wit…
…h async backend
Vitalii Chepeliuk ISPN-4322 AS Remote Client Module Integration Tests module fails with…

Created unified solution
Vitalii Chepeliuk ISPN-4322 when skipTests is defined do not prepare test configuration
Do not run ant tasks from build-testsuite.xml when tests are skipped and
do not fail if no integration tests are running
Commits on Apr 16, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5019 Update LargeClusterStressTest to measure the cluster shutdo…
…wn as well

Also includes some logging changes in the state transfer classes.

* Don't log OutdatedTopologyException as an error
* ClusterTopologyManagerImpl: Better error message in executeOnClusterSync
* StateConsumerImpl: Don't log the list of segments so many times
* LogTopologyManagerImpl: Move log out of critical section
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5019 Improve the memory usage and serialization of consistent ha…
…sh classes
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5019 Install merge cache topologies in parallel
Limit the number of async threads doing cache status recovery
with a SemaphoreCompletionService
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5019 Don't keep the state transfer thread blocked while waiting …
…for state

Use SemaphoreCompletionService for inbound state transfers
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5019 Don't use up a thread for early StateRequestCommands a690c30
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5019 Add a JGroupsAddress cache 8168d61
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5370 Make clear() non-transactional and lock free
* no concurrent operation
* no locks acquired
* no transaction
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-3725 Recovery does not work with versioning
* GlobalTransaction in recovery needs an internal id and it uses a NumericVersionGenerator.
When versioning is configured, the VersionGenerator provider was different.
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5368 Avoid unnecessary lookups in the Set and fix missing check 0aca8b0
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Fix IDE and compiler warnings
* also fix error message spelling
* remove unused imports
* fix some generics related warnings
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Add more logging b91140c
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Inject ComponentRegistry instead of getting it indirectly f…
…rom Cache
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Remove listener at end of test 01cd465
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Filter wrapping with CompositeCacheEventFilter/PostCacheEve…
…ntFilter prevents the filter being handled as a CacheEventFilterConverter

* use a special wrapper if the filter is a CacheEventFilterConverter
* This is mostly a perf improvement since RemoteClusterListener already rejects all pre events explicitly in the handler method
* fix construction of the EventType to report isPreEvent() correctly
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Refactor query DSL to be able to use it for event filtering
* Previous attempt deleted (object-filter/src/main/java/org/infinispan/objectfilter/query/*)
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Rename FilterAndConverter to JPAFilterAndConverter and impl…
…ement a CacheEventFilterConverter based on it
@anistor anistor ISPN-5349 Use DSL based filters with local and clustered event listeners 718e509
@anistor anistor ISPN-5350 Use type id instead of type name for efficient protobuf mar…
@anistor anistor ISPN-5350 Use DSL based filters with Hot Rod event listeners e9e5318
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-4546 Use CacheNotFoundResponse when a target node left
and the response mode was SYNCHRONOUS_IGNORE_LEAVERS
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-4546 Retry transactional commands on topology changes or Suspect…
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5274 Inconsistent data after transaction rollback (with success …
…on originator)

Check the availability status after executing a prepare/commit command.
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5328 DummyTransaction does not invoke afterCompletion() if some …
…resource fails to prepare

Also fixes:
ISPN-2813 DummyTransaction do not commit is last resource transaction is read-only
ISPN-4167 DummyBaseTransactionManager doesn't clean up when rollback fails
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5370 Make clear() non-transactional and lock free
* Forget to adapt the Cross-Site code
@galderz galderz ISPN-5085 Switch Resteasy backend to Netty
* Undertow web no longer used for serving REST requests, instead
use Netty based Resteasy backend.
* Removed all references to undertow, including dependencies and
subsystem configuration.
* Adjusted testsuite REST server tests so that they don't rely
on content length reading and instead they use streaming capabilities
to read as much as needed.
* Upgraded to Resteasy 3.0.11 version to get around an issue with
empty responses.
* Created new server parser for version 7.2 to include new REST
server socket-binding configuration, and rename virtual-server into
virtual-host (but unused yet).
Commits on Apr 17, 2015
@gunnarmorling gunnarmorling ISPN-5385 Updating to HSEARCH 5.2.0.Beta1, removing some references t…
…o classes internal to Hibernate Search
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5383 Add description for rest-connector.socket-binding and remov…
…e parsers for old schemas
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5311 Migrate Infinispan Directory Provider from Hibernate Search…
… codebase
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5311 Integrate infinispan directory provider to query, server an…
…d modules
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5311 Ported tests a590408
@galderz galderz ISPN-5085 Fix REST metadata response builder max idle header name 8d94730
@galderz galderz ISPN-5085 Fix REST server construction for compatibility tests 56e2a66
@galderz galderz ISPN-4955 Move leftover test to embedded JCache testsuite 5cddfff
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5310 Produce and distribute module…
@rvansa rvansa Initial GetManyCommand implementation c6f80f9
@wburns wburns ISPN-2183 Add the ability to fetch a set of keys at once (getAll)
* Made sure null is returned for a non existing key
* Fixed issues related to topology changes
* Added stress test to test out topology changes
@danberindei danberindei StateTransferInterceptor shouldn't know about keys and values 633ab3e
@wburns wburns ISPN-2183 ISPN-2183 Add the ability to fetch a set of keys at once

* Fixed compile issue after merge and also updated stress test
* Also added back in support for values not looked up in context
* Also added changes for tx cache getAll
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5384 ReadCommittedEntry.isNull() always returns false
Fixing this allows us to simplify the GetAllCommand handling.
Additionally, unify tx and non-tx distribution interceptor code.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-2183 Update GetManyCommand references to GetAllCommand
And ClusteredGetManyCommand to ClusteredGetAllCommand
@wburns wburns ISPN-5387 CompositeNotifyingFuture wraps throwable an additional time 57c27f2
@wburns wburns ISPN-5264 Optimize PutAll operations (library mode)
* Made sure RemoteException is thrown to ensure proper retry
* Added back in put map command stress test with nodes dying
@anistor anistor ISPN-5347 Extend org.infinispan.objectfilter.Matcher to support event…
… types and user context data
@anistor anistor ISPN-5388 Optimize redundant predicates (non-indexed query) 1be4694
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5380 Create a registry of internal caches
- exclude internal caches from getCacheNames
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5381 Don't add negative "stores" to the CacheContainerStats 0355961
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5382 Include the scripting module in the infinispan subsystem d4cc43c
@anistor anistor ISPN-5391 Use @MetaInfServices in infinispan-directory-provider module 6a49b0f
Commits on Apr 18, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-5388 Optimize redundant predicates - more tests 3a0f602
Commits on Apr 20, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-5392 ComparisonExpr.Type.negate() returns wrong value 17d7b1e
@anistor anistor ISPN-5390 QueryCache should use the internal cache registry
* config of query cache cannot be overridden by the user anymore
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5394 JmxManagementIT.testCacheManagerAttributes fails
 * hotRodTopology cache is not started eagerly anymore
 * adjust numbers for the new script cache
Commits on Apr 21, 2015
@alanfx alanfx Additional Lucene Directory Wildfly integration tests
Add methods to MemberRegistration:
   query using the Lucene API
   purge index
   create index
Add tests to InfinispanModuleMemberRegistrationIT:
   use the Lucene API to search for members
   purge index and verify no members are found
   create index and verify members are found
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5397 Provide a backwards-compatible EvictionConfigurationBuilder…
….maxEntries(int) method
Commits on Apr 22, 2015
@jmarkos jmarkos ISPN-5019 Fix log formatting bc805da
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-3076 Upgrade JBoss Logging 3.2.1 9ccefa8
@galderz galderz ISPN-5222 Support combined filter/converter in remote listeners
* Allow CacheEventFilterConverter instances to be plugged.
* No need to change Hot Rod protocol, simply assume that if both
the filter and converter factories are the same, then a
CacheEventFilterConverterFactory instance needs to be looked up,
which provides instances of CacheEventFilterConverter.
@anistor anistor ISPN-5222 Support combined filter/converter in remote listeners
* update JPACacheEventFilterConverterFactory to implement CacheEventFilterConverterFactory
@galderz galderz ISPN-5320 Use BoundedCHMv8 for bounded Hot Rod client near cache 213278e
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-3076 Partially revert the commit (just downgrading the JBoss Log…
…ging version)
Commits on Apr 23, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5395 Upgrade the server base to WildFly 8.2 04cdef7
@wburns wburns ISPN-5407 DefaultDataContainer is not passing eviction algorithm
Commits on Apr 24, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5404 Mark Infinispan subsystem attributes as RESTART_RESOURCE_SE…
Commits on Apr 27, 2015
@jmarkos jmarkos ISPN-5139 Fix trace logs of clustered interceptors 5e0b10e
@wburns wburns ISPN-5265 Optimize Getall operations over Hot Rod
* Added remote cache getAll that invokes embedded version
* Changed embedded getAll to no longer return null values
@anistor anistor Fix exception message 3aa2bc3
@anistor anistor ISPN-5192 infinispan-remote uber jar contains 2x versions of shaded j…
…avassist packages
Commits on Apr 28, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5401 Align embedded and server exposed management properties 4e47c2a
@wburns wburns ISPN-5406 Deprecate eviction thread pool executor in favor of expiration 148b26e
@wburns wburns ISPN-5411 Repl GetAll/PutAll perf tests are using Dist
@anistor anistor Cleanup 33f0fc5
@anistor anistor ISPN-5409 Primitive values lead to failure with remote non-indexed query 6525432
Commits on Apr 30, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-4546 Fix retry for write commands in a transaction
* Retry write commands (and generated LockControlCommands).
TODO Retrying a write adds a duplicate command in the modifications list.

* Don't retry a tx command after it has succeeded on the originator
For a commit command, if there are new owners, they will receive the
updated values via state transfer. On the other hand, a retried commit
may not find the remote transaction on the new owners.
For lock and prepare commands, the new owners will also receive the
transaction via state transfer.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5274 Only perform the availability check on the transaction orig…

* Improve stress tests
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5399 State transfer can hang if a node is joining just as the la…
…st member of a cache is leaving
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5422 Deprecated the old Lifecycle in favour of the one in commons 4b2f1c1
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-4797 Use getAll for retrieving query results e0f4e27
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-4797 Use getAll for retrieving query results e511107
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5386 Tx succeeds on coord, while being rollbacked on other parti…
…cipants due to Tx pruning

Throw a more specific exception based on the status of the transaction.

The ISPN-4546 fix already started throwing an IllegalStateException when
the completed transactions information was missing.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5106 Fix initial discovery race condition in TEST_PING b6cbc87
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5106 Deadlock on GlobalComponentRegistry when starting a cluster
Move the handling of the initial view to a separate thread.
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5410 Split the org.infinispan:main module in a public facing ver…
…sion and an internal module
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5410 Improve isolation between modules to use the slimmer…
…finispan.core module
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5410 Remove old copyright headers from modules definitions da04f59
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5410 Declare some more modules as private API b7d0ade
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5419 Modules: Remove dependency to net.jcip module 5ace29a
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5418 Modules: Remove dependency to module org.jboss.jandex 4cbd128
Commits on May 02, 2015
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-5431 Revert "ISPN-5418 Modules: Remove dependency to module org.…

This reverts commit 4cbd128.
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-5432 Update jandex version used by ISPN server 60bdfa3
Commits on May 04, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-4797 Use getAll for retrieving query results - fix tests
* avoid lookup by key in EntityLoader
* maintain order of keys
@anistor anistor ISPN-5352 Register ReflectionMatcher before starting cache 32a10d5
@anistor anistor ISPN-5352 Improve scalability of DSL based filters by using the publi…
…sh/subscribe feature of org.infinispan.objectfilter.Matcher

* IndexedFilter is a marker interface to be implemented by filters that can be efficiently handled by a FilterIndexingServiceProvider
* FilterIndexingServiceProvider implementations are looked up via ServiceFinder
* JPAFilterIndexingServiceProvider performs efficient filtering using the Matcher; multiple filter instances are indexed by Matcher
@galderz galderz ISPN-5429 Avoid CacheEntryFilterConverter duplicate callbacks
* When plugging a CacheEntryFilterConverter in a cluster, it can lead
to duplicate callbacks as a result of listener invocation base class
not detecting that the CacheEntryFilterConverter is both a filter
and converter.
* When clustering CacheEntryFilterConverter instances, these are
wrapped to avoid pre-events, and the wrapping halts the
discovery that the CacheEntryFilterConverter is both a filter and
* Overriding equals() in wrapper classes and making sure base listener
invocation uses equals() instead of referential equality solves the
* Added remote listener tests to verify the expected amount of
callbacks are received by CacheEntryFilterConverter implementations.
@wburns wburns ISPN-5435 Add annotation to allow for listener to specify whether it
receives pre, post or all events

* Added ConditionType to allow for annotation specification
@wburns wburns ISPN-5429 Avoid CacheEntryFilterConverter duplicate callbacks
* Disabled test as it seems it is susceptible to consistent hash storing
* keys on different nodes
@galderz galderz ISPN-5356 FAIL_SILENTLY errors in OL prepare ignored, updated javadoc 60d2d80
@infinispanrelease infinispanrelease 'Release Script: update versions for 7.2.1-SNAPSHOT' 04acdcf
@infinispanrelease infinispanrelease Updated archetypes verstion to 1.0.17 622f464
Commits on May 07, 2015
@anistor anistor Remove unused file
This file is the result of a rebase conflict and it should not longer exist.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5420 Thread pools are depleted by ClusterTopologyManagerImpl.wai…
…tForView() and causing deadlock

* LargeCluster2StressTest: New stress test with fewer nodes but more caches than LargeClusterStressTest
* Better logging of command responses
* Fix SemaphoreCompletionService.continueTaskInBackground(null)
* Check for tasks to execute immediately after installing the topology,
  because StateRequestCommands don't wait for the transaction data
* Don't send a rebalance confirmation if we were not a member
* Because the state transfer executor has a caller runs policy, don't keep
  the transfer maps lock while submitting the segments request task
* Undo the SemaphoreCompletionService for view handling in ClusterTopologyManagerImpl
* Update the cache members without holding the view handling lock
* Use a SemaphoreCompletionService per cache to handle topology updates in
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5317 BlockingTaskAwareExecutorService.cherkForReadyTasks() may b…
…lock CacheTopologyControlCommand

Invoke checkForReadyTasks on another thread
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5439 Update to Hibernate Search 5.2.0.Final bade76b
@wburns wburns ISPN-5443 NPE in ReadCommittedEntry.getLifespan() during Cache.size()
* Fixed issue with RR when calling size when entry was not found in same
* transaction
Commits on May 08, 2015
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5445 Build is overwriting the valid module definition of hiberna…
…te-search-storage with an alias definition
@infinispanrelease infinispanrelease 'Release Script: update versions for 7.2.2-SNAPSHOT' cbf035a
@galderz galderz ISPN-5436 Fix ClientClusterEventsTest random failures
* The cause for the failures is the switch from REPL to DIST that
happened in ISPN-5429.
* When using DIST, keys associated with servers are needed to provide
stronger guarantees and hence the tests have been amended to do so.
* The failover test has been separated into another class to make it
easy to run independently.
* Previous random failures have been noticed in ClientClusterEventsTest
, but these might be gone with this switch.
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5448 Fix an NPE which happens when attempting to configure both …
…authentication and SSL encryption on a HotRod client
Commits on May 11, 2015
@wburns wburns ISPN-5434 ClusteringConfigurationBuilder.l1() javadoc incorrectly states
that the l1 method enables l1

* Fixed javadoc
@kazuhira-r kazuhira-r ISPN-5455 When executing a script, invoke getScriptCache() to ensure …
…that the script cache has been initialized
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-2145 Properly log JGroups initialization/configuration failures …
…and make sure they don't get swallowed
Commits on May 12, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-5450 Remote queries fail when security is enabled and current us…
…er is not an ADMIN
@anistor anistor ISPN-5450 Mark classes that are not intended for extension as final 717667c
@tristantarrant tristantarrant 8.0 Version Bump ed2b6bc
@anistor anistor ISPN-5450 Remote queries fail when security is enabled and current us…
…er is not an ADMIN
Commits on May 13, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5423 JavaDoc fixes
- separate javadoc generation into a dedicated module and use the
aggregate-jar goal
- Fix the public API doclet so that it doesn't break with JavaDoc 8
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5403 Added synchronization and parameter validation 5438a46
@isavin isavin ISPN-5298 HotRod millisecond precision for lifespan/maxidle cbaf14a
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5298 HotRod millisecond precision for lifespan/maxidle
* Propagated user defined TimeUnit via HotRod for lifespan and maxIdle
* Added Test
* Updated doc
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5298 Make sure JCache module is built after the server 3fd30b3
@isavin isavin ISPN-4955 JCache implementation over HotRod 86ff7b4
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-4955 Fixes:
* Resolved serialization issues
* Added integration test against clustered caches
* Added warn when events do not arrive
* Removed hardcoded listener wait time
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-4955 Removed unused methods and fix put stats on replace 79f2c73
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-4955 Re-enabled TCK expiration test fd4f602
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5458 Broken modules due to circular dependencies a732131
Commits on May 14, 2015
@anistor anistor Fix typos and replace direct writing to console with proper logging deab03c
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5460 Prepare commands sent before the target became a member sho…
…uld be rejected
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5462 Transaction prepare is not replicated to new owners during …
…state transfer
Commits on May 18, 2015
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5446 Removed unused file 3fd8841
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5446 Added missing 8.0 schemas 6501896
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5446 Fixed test failures afb6b02
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5472 Surefire crashes during LevelDB test suite
Upgrade Surefire plugin as suggested in SUREFIRE-1157
Commits on May 19, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-5464 ReflectionHelper fails to detect element type for arrays of…
… generic types

* skip bridge methods and synthetic methods and fields
@wburns wburns ISPN-5478 Add readOnly test for MapStressTest 1ebf05f
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5474 Transactions created when applying state should never be re…

Add an explicit check for state transfer transactions in
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5322 Don't log a warning message if partition handling is
enabled for a replicated cache
@anistor anistor ISPN-5461 FileDescriptorSource.fromResources and FileDescriptorSource…
….addProtoFiles should have a ClassLoader argument

* upgrade to protostream-3.0.2.Final
* protostream no longer exposes javassist dependecy so no need to exclude it
Commits on May 20, 2015
@wburns wburns ISPN-5485 Refactor DataContainer and various Maps to use new Java 8
@wburns wburns ISPN-5486 SemaphoreCompletionService exceptions are never checked
* Made sure to call get on each of the futures
@galderz galderz ISPN-5490 Implement async store clearing 798c7a5
@wburns wburns ISPN-5489 Remove redundant jdk 8 backport classes 7f92efc
@wburns wburns ISPN-4133 DistSyncL1FuncTest testNonOwnerRetrievesValueFromBackupOwner..

* Test was fixed before in ISPN-4231
@wburns wburns ISPN-5449 java.lang.ClassCastException: [B cannot be cast to

* Added test to reproduce issue
Commits on May 21, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5488 Execute one more test operation to guarantee topology update fe18c5b
Commits on May 22, 2015
@mcimbora mcimbora ISPN-5338 Extend JSR-107 tests ff3a0c2
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5471 ConditionalOperationsConcurrentWriteSkewTest random failures
Replace the CountDownLatches with ReclosableLatches and make them final.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5492 DelayedAvailabilityUpdateTest.testDelayedAvailabilityUpdate…
…2 random failures
@anistor anistor ISPN-5389 Optimize overlapping range and interval predicates (non-ind…
…exed query)

* no optimizations are applied to repeated predicates
@anistor anistor ISPN-5501 Camel throwing java.lang.LinkageError for Remote Query when…
… running in EAP
@galderz galderz ISPN-5477 Too agressive unboxing leading to wrong L1 returns
* Unboxing of entries for external client consumption should only
happen when commands are local, since remote commands come from
internal clustering.
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5503 Inject the codename into from the POM properties 68b87fb
@mcimbora mcimbora Improve StateTransferLockImpl.waitForTransactionData logging 0323db1
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5494 Node replies with NullPointerException during shutdown
Replace the exception with a CacheNotFoundResponse
Commits on May 25, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5473 toString improvements 95b40a3
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5473 Fix TestingUtil.clearContent for secure caches and cache ma…
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5473 Replace Exception.printStackTrace with proper logging 907b274
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5473 Replace System.out.println with logging 79f3471
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5473 Avoid rollback exceptions during cleanup 0188e56
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5473 Include the test name in the thread name in SingleFilsStore…
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-3142 Re-enable RehashAfterPartitionMergeTest
The test was fixed with ISPN-2577
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-2752 IllegalStateException on shutdown 62629ab
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5480 Speed up xsite tests
* Stop cache managers in reverse order to avoid JGRP-1927
* Make eventually() use a poll interval of 500ms regardless of timeout
@wburns wburns ISPN-5345 Allow eviction for based on approximation of size compared to
element count

* Added in size calculation for byte[] key/value pairs with LRU
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-2939 Remove async marshalling f55d8f8
@tsykora tsykora ISPN-5500 direct init of tmpDirs in LevelDB tests, removed @BeforeClass 9de7d8e
@galderz galderz ISPN-5477 When entry comes from L1, mark it as remotely fetched 42c5bf0
@anistor anistor ISPN-5165 Cannot choose to run index-less query on an indexed cache ee84aff
@anistor anistor ISPN-5165 Cannot choose to run index-less query on an indexed cache 4411b70
@anistor anistor ISPN-5165 Cannot choose to run index-less query on an indexed cache 21ed5f7
Commits on May 26, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5477 Only unbox compatibility returns when operations are local
* Added handling of exceptions when responses are being written.
By doing so, ClassCastExceptions that were happening are uncovered,
logged and corresponding errors are sent back instead of waiting
for socket timeouts.
* Eliminate operation retries were not necessary to make socket
timeouts appear more quickly if something hangs.
@rhusar rhusar ISPN-5483 JGroupsTransport.waitForChannelToConnect() never waits
format fix
@rhusar rhusar ISPN-5483 ClusterTopologyManagerImpl.fetchRebalancingStatusFromCoordi…
…nator() is susceptible to NPE

logging volatility fix
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5508 Fix test names f1e6140
Commits on May 27, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-3924 NonTxPutIfAbsentDuringLeaveStressTest is no longer failing
Fixed with ISPN-5494
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5438 Filter out example jgroups configurations from uber jar 87996b0
@anistor anistor ISPN-5463 ClassCastException: org.infinispan.query.remote.indexing.Pr…
…otobufValueWrapper cannot be cast to [B
Commits on May 28, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-5463 ClassCastException: org.infinispan.query.remote.indexing.Pr…
…otobufValueWrapper cannot be cast to [B