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Commits on Nov 02, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5790 AuthorizationManager rework
- use an internal cache instead of the Cluster Registry
- add a GlobalSecurityManager with the ability to flush acl caches
- don't cache per-cache acl masks
- add a role check in addition to the existing permission check
Commits on Nov 04, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5755 Expose clustered stats via Hot Rod
* Added new set of statistics that return global, across the cluster,
  counts for the statistics currently exposed.
* These statistics are only available for clients talking Hot Rod
  protocol 2.4.
* New statistics maintain previous names but with a 'global' prefix in
  front of them.
Commits on Nov 05, 2015
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5903 Spring split cde4c4c
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5838 Fixed Maven reactor 0ee3088
@anistor anistor Avoid using the deprecated constants in ClientEvents cc82fd2
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5819 Add global backup site ops to container
Operations added:
* takeSiteOffline
* bringSiteOnline
* pushState
* cancelPushState
@anistor anistor ISPN-5906 Hide implementation details from package org.infinispan.que…
@anistor anistor ISPN-5905 Avoid creating a FilterEvalContext for non-matching subscri…

* avoid creating FilterEvalContexts for non-matching subscriptions
* avoid creating one-element status arrays for non-matching FilterEvalContexts
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5613 Replication timeouts should show the affected entries 727c27b
@wburns wburns ISPN-5802 Deprecate DataContainer API as no longer pluggable af83516
Commits on Nov 09, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5851 Split GlobalState locations into persistent and temporary 16724f3
@anistor anistor ISPN-5931 Rename ContinuousQueryResultListener to ContinuousQueryList…
@anistor anistor Deprecate ClusterRegistry
* functionality was replaced by InternalCacheRegistry
@wburns wburns ISPN-5805 Allow forEach consumer to have a Cache Injected
ISPN-5845 Update local cache stream to allow for full wrapping
@wburns wburns ISPN-5902 Stream iterator/forEach & CacheNotifier should use configured
@wburns wburns ISPN-5911 Compatibility when streams are used should only unwrap the
final stream results

* Unwrap only iterator and spliterator for now
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5935 Provide an alias to 'eq' in the Query DSL c8c977c
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5917 Transactions rolled back early are never removed
Remove the transaction from the tx table in TxInterceptor
if it's already marked for rollback
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5918 Remote transactions can be registered after cache stop
* Check cache status before registering a new remote transaction
  (which happens before the interceptor chain is started)
* Change TerminatedCacheWhileInTxTest to wait less
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5851 Consistent naming for GlobalState in the GlobalConfiguration 3775dc0
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5924 GlobalStateManager to manage state persistence across restarts b8208cb
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5925 Create a PersistentUUID and restore across restarts when gl…
…obal state persistence is enabled
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5897 Enhance to support compressed logs
Also update to require a log file argument and to
use perl more.
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5936 Upgrade to Console 8.1.0.Beta1 c43769d
@wburns wburns Fixed javadoc to point to correct common dependency b6026bb
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Use new spring4 embedded package d7d9881
Commits on Nov 12, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5951 Fix NonIndexedRemoteContinuousQueryTest.testContinuousQuery cb0bf1c
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5889 Have each node re-add itself to the topology cache after merge 8ccd4a6
Commits on Nov 13, 2015
@anistor anistor Remove unused import dea9b17
@anistor anistor ISPN-5933 Make RemoteQueryEngine a cache-level component
* a ReflectionMatcher/ProtobufMatcher/CompatibilityReflectionMatcher is no longer instantiated for internal caches as they are not query-enabled
* perform query authorization only once
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5895 Fix RebalancePolicyJmxTest
testJoinAndLeaveWithRebalanceSuspended and
Commits on Nov 16, 2015
@rhusar rhusar ISPN-5890 NPE after a node joins a cluster and receives new views 90f6f22
Commits on Nov 20, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Fix Glossary indentation ca7bd92
Commits on Nov 23, 2015
@VaclavDedik VaclavDedik ISPN-5978 Remove script (and jboss-cli.bin + jboss-cli-l…
… from EAP bin directory
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5975 Flush cache 276348a
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5979 Server commands that don't affect the model should be marke…
…d runtime only

Also determine container/cache by iteration instead of assuming relative positions to make it more robust
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5963 Avoid allocating CompletableFuture instances for empty maps 8e58677
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5964 Drop collection helpers for non-JDK8 backwards compatibility 0d2d273
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5964 Remove any reference to the removed infinispan.unsafe.allow…
…_jdk8_chm property
Commits on Nov 24, 2015
@slaskawi slaskawi Deprecate Spring 3 support 2fee816
@slaskawi slaskawi ISPN-5960 Removed Commons Collections 211b50f
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Update the module dependency generator with the latest schema 0cc273a
@rvansa rvansa ISPN-5957 Simple cache fails to start when statistics is enabled 8f23796
@rigazilla rigazilla ISPN-5980 Updated Scala artifact version to 2.11.7 431c201
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5984 Use Message.setFlag(short) to avoid creating a temporary array 7e223e1
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5883 Node can apply new topology after sending status response
Wait for the merge view before sending back the cache status response.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5883 PartitionHandlingManagerImpl logging improvements 7b586cd
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5897 Fix compressed log handling in 45352de
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5908 Stop applying state when a cache is stopping 6799403
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5909 Speed up StateTransferLargeObjectTest f1c8eef
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5907 Clear the cache stores between tests
* Speeds up StateTransferDistCacheLoaderSharedTest
* Clear the stats for SharedStoreTest
* Always initialize the underlying store in AsyncStoreTest
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-3988 AsyncStoreTest.testRepeatedPutClearPut fails randomly
* Use Thread.sleep(0) instead of Thread.yield()
* Reduce number of iterations in AsyncStoreTestIssue
Commits on Nov 25, 2015
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5926 Upgrade to Hibernate Search 5.5.1.Final 42f5ea0
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5926 Resolve incompatible changes with test helpers from the new…
… Hibernate Search version
@anistor anistor ISPN-5923 Wrong results when applying the <= operator to a string att…
…ribute having a null token defined
@anistor anistor Remove unused import 1940a8b
@anistor anistor Remove usages of deprecated stuff 706cafa
@anistor anistor ISPN-5739 ClientListenerWithFilterAndRawProtobufTest is unstable b7dce65
@anistor anistor ISPN-5939 RemoteListenerWithDslFilterTest.testEventFilter and NonInde…
…xedCacheRemoteListenerWithDslFilterTest.testEventFilter fail randomly
@anistor anistor Use unbounded queue for expected events in test
* Make the log message for the missing indexing filter provider less ambiguous
@anistor anistor Minor Javadoc improvement 9acad0e
@anistor anistor Remove includeCurrentState=true which was mistakenly used on non-clus…
…tered listener
@anistor anistor ISPN-5959 Continuous query does not return existing entries in embedd…
…ed mode
@anistor anistor Fix generics cast warning e57a6d7
@anistor anistor ISPN-5934 ContinuousQuery must benefit from DSL based filter indexing 02e3239
@anistor anistor ISPN-5985 Add tests for listeners matching the requirements of Client…
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-5982 Allow to specify custom logger in server mode 56d26dc
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5956 Wait for the test cache to rebalance 2ac140b
@vblagoje vblagoje Upgrade to Infinispan Management Console 8.1.0.CR1 76d1a8e
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5914 Immediately close unauthenticated HotRod connections when u…
@galderz galderz ISPN-5879 Avoid concurrent cluster switches
* When switching clusters, update topology id of the cache involved. To
  do so, enhance TopologyInfo to deal with multiple topology ids.
* Instead of relying on individual requests to check failover validity,
  add a step in the failover cluster switch logic to check the servers
  to which it is going to failover. If none of those are available
  consider cluster switch not achieved. If any succeed, switch the
  cluster and apply new topology.
* Cluster switches can happen while clients are hammering the server, in
  which case there's a possibility that after a cluster switch old
  topology updates are received. To avoid these being applied, the
  concept of topology age has been added which is increased every time
  there's a cluster switch. When new topologies are received, the
  topology age is verified and it's from a previous cluster, this is ignored.
@anistor anistor Minor fix in GlobalConfigurationBuilder.toString method 9375f1e
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Temporary workaround for JGRP-1942. To be reverted when we upgrade to…
… JGroups 3.6.7
@gustavonalle gustavonalle Osgi test fix 636d39c
Commits on Nov 26, 2015
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-5991 Upgrade Jandex to the Final version 2.0.0.Final ae60016
Commits on Nov 30, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-5994 ProtobufMetadataCachePreserveStateAcrossRestarts is not exe…
@anistor anistor Throw exception for unexpected elements c598941
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5817 Add cache blacklisting support to the endpoints ea7849a
Commits on Dec 01, 2015
@wburns wburns ISPN-6004 Refactor expiration to remove ExpirationInterceptor
* EntryFactoryImpl doesn't cause expiration on writes
* ExpirationInterceptor can be removed
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5922 Recovery MBean showInDoubtTransactions fails because of mis…
…sing RecoveryManager
@VaclavDedik VaclavDedik ISPN-5940 Added CDI Remote module to Wildfly modules a5fe2de
@VaclavDedik VaclavDedik ISPN-5940 Add as-modules alias for org.infinispan.cdi.embedded (org.i…
@anistor anistor ISPN-5974 Continuous query should support projections b4477c1
Commits on Dec 03, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6002 Cache log.isTraceEnabled() as much as possible 526a37e
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6003 Store the HotRod client flags as an int
Don't use a thread-local for DEFAULT_LIFESPAN and DEFAULT_MAXIDLE
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6003 Remove Arrays.asList() calls in DecoratedCache e279d80
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6003 Avoid members list copy in JGroupsTransport.invoke ca13069
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6003 Use Array.empty instead of Array[Byte]() 947e5be
@Holmistr Holmistr [ISPN-5983] Cannot connect via JMX to servers managed in domain mode baaec4e
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5998 Fix the sasl element in the server jgroups schema 5cd5e0f
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5998 Enable jgroups server subsystem schema validation e53f935
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6001 Fix Infinispan server schema
- remove required name attribute from stores
- add leveldb schema to cache declaration
- add configuration template support to 8.x schemas
- enable schema validation in the tests
- further cleanups and reorderings
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-5482 JSR-107 - Provide mechanism to handle expiration events 4487a86
@wburns wburns ISPN-5948 ClusterListenerDistTxTest.testSimpleExpirationFilterNotOwner
and ClusterListenerDistTxTest.testSimpleExpirationConverterNotOwner fail
with assertion error

* Moved notification interceptor to be below locking
* Makes sure tx notifications are properly ordered
Commits on Dec 04, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-4956 TaskManager
- A common way to manage different types of tasks (scripts, deployed)
- Maintain a history of tasks
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-4956 Port Scripting to TaskManager
- Drop usage of NotifyingFuture and use CompletableFuture instead
- Register the ScriptingManager as a TaskEngine with the TaskManager
- Switch the HotRod Server to use the TaskManager instead of the ScriptingManager
- Add tasks modules to the server
@anistor anistor Making JPAQueryGenerator immutable is not possible after introduction…
… of named parameters
@anistor anistor ISPN-6008 Query DSL groupBy and orderBy should only accept single-val…
…ued properties
@anistor anistor Use jboss-logging for exceptions in QueryEngine dffc868
@anistor anistor Use jboss-logging for exceptions in remote query 206b510
Commits on Dec 05, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-6008 More tests 94504d7
Commits on Dec 06, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6012 Too many warnings about unsolicited state during shutdown e37a5dc
Commits on Dec 07, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Bump Management Console to 8.1.0.Final 9037d61
@mgencur mgencur ISPN-6010 JPA cache store uses wrong class loader to load entities 48353fc
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5962 Implementation of RpcManagerImpl.invokeRemotely causes high…
… CPU usage

* Cleanup some code in RpcManager
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5962 Implementation of RpcManagerImpl.invokeRemotely causes high…
… CPU usage

* Replace CompletableFuture.get() by CompletableFuture.get(long,TimeUnit).
@VaclavDedik VaclavDedik ISPN-5903 BZ1266831 Fix logging exception when both infinispan-remote…
… uber-jar and infinispan-commons on classpath
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Only remove the jboss-cli files we don't need 5a4976f
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5885 NonTotalOrderPerCacheInvocationHandlerImpl should release l…

* refactor CompositeAction class
@anistor anistor ISPN-5682 Aggregating fields of embedded entities doesn't work b637f6e
@anistor anistor Reject aggregations in where clause e72c7a4
@anistor anistor Reject projections of repeated properties debba88
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6014 Remove DebuggingUnitTestTestNGListener 5f105f0
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5623 Retried prepare commands do not wait for backup locks 0d37774
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5889 Re-add node to topology cache with overlapping partitions
Use a distributed task to check if any other member removed this node's
address, instead of relying on a CacheEntryInvalidatedEvent.
@danberindei danberindei TransportObjectFactoryTest uses a matcher without a mock 7f20ff5
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5889 Move the distributed executor to a field a8dae12
@infinispanrelease infinispanrelease 'Release Script: update versions for 8.1.1-SNAPSHOT' e28e304
Commits on Dec 08, 2015
@anistor anistor Start development on 8.2.0-SNAPSHOT version d953512
Commits on Dec 10, 2015
@anistor anistor Make ContinuousQuery.EntryListener private 6bff81c
@anistor anistor ISPN-6021 COUNT and AVG aggregations for fields of embedded entities …
…doesn't work

* the output of the first COUNT aggregation phase needs to be aggregated with SUM in second phase
* for AVG, applying AVG again in second phase will not yield the correct result, so the
  FieldAccumulator was extended to support this by introducing a merge() method besides update()
@anistor anistor ISPN-6021 Do not project the dummy value 476664d
Commits on Dec 11, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-6021 Merge DoubleSum and DoubleAvg classes 11ca7e1
Commits on Dec 13, 2015
@anistor anistor ISPN-6021 Use a Counter instead of a Long 784bc65
@anistor anistor Add ContinuousQuery.removeAllListeners() and ContinuousQuery.getListe…
@anistor anistor Add ContinuousQueryProfilingTest 16da5f7
Commits on Dec 14, 2015
@anistor anistor Remove unused import a3b0ba6
Commits on Dec 15, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6020 Create schema for version 8.2 dd81d43
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6024 HotRodServer should remove listeners on shutdown 2bec246
@galderz galderz ISPN-5981 Compatibility routing fix for clients
* When compatibility is enabled, servers store data in POJO mode, hence
  clients should be routing based on the POJO version instead of the
  byte[] version.
@galderz galderz ISPN-5981 Deprecate pingOnStartup client config 55f6f49
Commits on Dec 16, 2015
@galderz galderz ISPN-5981 Deprecate pingOnStartup in Spring component 5650817
Commits on Dec 22, 2015
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5981 Deprecate pingOnStartup in spring4-remote component 6419439
@anistor anistor ISPN-6028 Allow caching of queries that have second phase accumulators be10653
Commits on Dec 23, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5530 Fix AtomicObjectFactoryTest.distributedCacheTest random fai…

- Make AtomicObjectFactory use generics
- Use CleanupAfterMethod in the test
- Additional test logging to help debug future potential failures
@anistor anistor Fix spelling e10085d
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5878 Deprecate MurmurHash2 and remove MurmurHash2Compat 6395b77
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5465 Introduce the KeyPartitioner interface
* Default to a HashFunctionPartitioner that uses the configured Hash
* Replace the GroupingConsistentHash with a GroupingPartitioner
* Introduce the embedded KeyPartitioner configuration
* Deprecate the Hash configuration
Commits on Dec 24, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Flesh out the documentation of the Hot Rod protocol
- add all ops to the opcode table
- add request / response opcodes to the description of each op
@anistor anistor ISPN-5993 ClassCastException in ProtobufMetadataManagerInterceptor fo…
…r clear

Since clear is now non-tx we can just remove the lines of code that attempt to lock .errors key and the issue is gone.
Commits on Dec 29, 2015
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6037 Upgrade to WildFly 10.0.0.CR5 dd44f6a
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5889 Fix cache name in HotRodMergeTest
RemoteCacheManager.getCache("") returns the default cache, but
EmbeddedCacheManager.getCache("") creates a new cache named "".
@anistor anistor Cleanup unused imports 6fab216
Commits on Dec 30, 2015
@kazuhira-r kazuhira-r The operation of the document of FilterConditionEndContext, add equal. 983e733
Commits on Jan 02, 2016
@kazuhira-r kazuhira-r fix document, get QueryFactory example. 4f7c5f2
Commits on Jan 04, 2016
@kazuhira-r kazuhira-r hibernate-search-engine:tests to test scope. 952f190
@anistor anistor ISPN-6033 QueryCache should not be visible to users a4104fd
@anistor anistor Put SingleClassDSLQueryTest in 'functional' category f7ac59c
@anistor anistor ISPN-6042 NPE when using avg on repeated property and one group does …
…not contain any value
@gustavonalle gustavonalle Fixed JmxDomainConflictException on SingleClassDSLQueryTest 8f582a5
@anistor anistor ISPN-5788 Add more tests for query grouping and aggregations 019bd03
Commits on Jan 05, 2016
@galderz galderz ISPN-6005 Avoid OOME when sending client events
* When adding a client listener, if state is to be provided, do it
asynchronously to avoid locking up Netty event loop thread. This is
necessary because if the event loop thread is hanging, events cannot be
written and instead they get queued up.
* To avoid overloading clients, apply backpressure in server by checking
if the channel is writable before writing each event. For efficiency
reasons, events are batched now.
@anistor anistor ISPN-6005 Avoid OOME when sending client events d85c63a
@galderz galderz ISPN-6005 Add thread index for add listener thread 0ed05c4
Commits on Jan 07, 2016
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5883 Node can apply new topology after sending status response
* Check both the sender and the view id before applying a topology
* Streamline multiple boolean fields in ClusterTopologyManagerImpl into
  a single enum.
* Use a SemaphoreCompletionService instead of locking to serialize
  view handling on the coordinator.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-4845 ClusterTopologyManagerTest.testAbruptLeaveAfterGetStatus fails
Make the rebalance id of the merged cluster greater than all the
partitions' rebalance ids, like the test expects.
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5481 ConfigurationOverrideTest random failures
Enable globalJmxStatistics.allowDuplicates in tests that create cache
managers without TestCacheManagerFactory.
@anistor anistor Continuous query javadocs 90560fa
Commits on Jan 08, 2016
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6027 Use bundler sender-sends-with-timer by default 4544dec
Commits on Jan 12, 2016
@mvrabel mvrabel ISPN-5937 ExpiryTest.testGlobalExpiryReplaceFlag fails randomly 3994f3e
@anistor anistor Remove unused imports b4f09f9
Commits on Jan 14, 2016
@rvansa rvansa ISPN-6066 mutates the builder 01d4149
@michalszynkiewicz michalszynkiewicz ISPN-5447 fixed spring schema usage in tests
1. infinispan-spring schemas renamed to 8.2
2. spring.schemas now pointing to proper version of schema
@galderz galderz ISPN-6048 Add sun.jdk dependency to Scala lang
* This avoids potential problems with Scala lang if using Scala futures
  for async computation.
@rhusar rhusar ISPN-6017 Deprecate ReplicationQueue since 8.2 5b77e55
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6043 TransactionTable should ignore view changes during shutdown 805259b
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5493 SiteProviderTopologyChangeTest.testXSiteSTDuringLeave rando…
…m failures

* invoke the control command with ignore leavers
@mgencur mgencur ISPN-6016 Unstable HotRodRemoteCacheIT testPutAsync test f49e7a3
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6068 Upgrade to JGroups 3.6.7.Final
* Use TCP_NIO2 in the test suite.
* Remove the log4j2 workaround in CommandAwareRpcDispatcher
* Fix RequestCorrelator.Header field references in JChannelFactory
Commits on Jan 15, 2016
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-5988 Fine-/Coarse-grained AtomicMap info is not preserved in cache ff2df35
@pferraro pferraro ISPN-1518 Log the Infinispan version information once facf292
Commits on Jan 19, 2016
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6055 Performance regression in replicated reads after ISPN-5465
* Introduce a new method, ConsistentHash.isReplicated().
* When it returns true, PartitionerConsistentHash can ignore the
  key in isKeyLocalToNode().
@jmarkos jmarkos ISPN-3550 Allow overriding the TimeService in child classes 660252b
Commits on Jan 20, 2016
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-4851 Make SyncConsistentHashFactory the default CH factory
* Also create SyncReplicatedConsistentHashFactory, to match the primary
  owners in replicated and distributed caches.
* Change the default number of segments to 256.
* Remove the special default of 1 segment for replicated tests.
* Improve handling of capacity factors in SyncConsistentHashFactory.
* Fix random test failures caused by the CH and segments changes.
@anistor anistor Remove unused imports b129637
@anistor anistor ISPN-6083 Continuous query and client listeners with DSL filters shou…
…ld reject aggregation queries
@anistor anistor ISPN-6076 Errors when the same column is both a gouping column and an…
… aggregation column
Commits on Jan 22, 2016
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-6085 Avoid using sun.misc.VM ae4b5ec
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6052 Hot Rod protocol changes to support metadata retrieval 4aa6188
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6052 Hot Rod client support for metadata retrieval 8cdb21f
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6053 KeyTracker of remote iterator not disposing keys for finish…
…ed segments
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6046 Update documentation for the server rolling upgrade 250d995
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6046 Use the remote iterator to migrate data if available from t…
…he source cluster
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6046 Added CLI optional parameters to migrate data 07af3c8
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6064 Cannot do Hot Rod rolling upgrade between different server …
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6065 HotRodSourceMigrator#recordKnownGlobalKeyset records all ke…
…ys N times
@anistor anistor ISPN-6083 Continuous query and client listeners with DSL filters shou…
…ld reject aggregation queries
@wburns wburns ISPN-6089 Distributed Stream doesn't operate in parllel locally
* Set the stream to parallel right away if a parallel stream was invoked
* Set the stream parallel or sequential when retrieving
Commits on Jan 26, 2016
@wburns wburns ISPN-6101 Deprecate M/R and point to Distributed Streams 6d5c840
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6100 L1 entries not always stored as L1InternalCacheEntry
DistributedClusteringLogic.commitSingleEntry wasn't using L1Metadata
for entries that should have been stored as L1 entries.
Commits on Jan 27, 2016
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6105 Too many warnings logged for total order commands 671283d
@anistor anistor Grouping and aggregation user guide 0637b4d
@rhusar rhusar ISPN-6049 Calls to reflection API fail with enabled security manager;…
… need to be run in privileged block
@rhusar rhusar Cleanup Log#unrecognizedAttribute message ef4d926
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6095 TransportStackConfigurationIT fails with JGroups 3.6.7.Final 6336307
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-6061 Cache Enum.values() 8d92c6b
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6035 Allow internal caches to be queryable 7fdf87e
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5816 Event Logger 7635bbb
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-5832 Add event logs to relevant places 2823e60
Commits on Jan 28, 2016
@anistor anistor ISPN-6106 FilterConditionEndContext.between(from, to) should check ar…
…gs are Comparable

* using jboss-logging for validation exceptions (id range 14801-15000)
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5481 ConfigurationOverrideTest random failures c2210e5
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-5955 FAIL_SILENTLY rollback with pessimistic transactions
* Never use ClusteredGetCommand(acquireRemoteLock=true)
* PessimisticLockingInterceptor should add the key to the affected keys
  set even with SKIP_LOCKING
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6007 Cache.get(...) using Flag.FORCE_WRITE_LOCK should retry 30b3371
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6102 Include the test name in the test thread names 375c1f6
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6103 Improve logging of failures in BaseKeyAffinityServiceTest f359673
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6118 Add more logs in CacheNotifierImplInitialTransferDistTest 3448291
Commits on Jan 29, 2016
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-6063 Expose cross-site replication attributes via DMR 1daa329
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6063 Properly construct composite metrics 134bc10
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6123 Fix logging ranges e09a293
@anistor anistor ISPN-6121 query-dsl server module must list jboss-logging dependency 850d65e
@mcimbora mcimbora ISPN-5414 Support (named) parameters in DSL based queries - extend tests 03453b3
@anistor anistor ISPN-6119 Query DSL should not accept null or empty parameter name c94fc8a
@rhusar rhusar ISPN-6122 AbstractCacheTransaction is prone to race conditions: NPE i…
…n containsLockOrBackupLock(Object)
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6107 State transfer should not try to fetch lost segments
Do not try to transfer segments that were added in a topology update,
after the rebalance was started - these segments will not have a real
source anyway. And fetching new segments is not safe, if we already sent
the rebalance confirmation.
@anistor anistor Replace deprecated QueryBuilder.setProjection(..) with select(..) in …
…user guide
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6126 JmxManagementIT.testCacheManagerAttributes always fails 551ec0a
@tristantarrant tristantarrant Upgrade to Console 8.2.0.Beta1 5691186
Commits on Feb 01, 2016
@Sanne Sanne ISPN-6090 Upgrade the metainf-services annotation processor to fix co…
…mpilation issues on Java 9
@wburns wburns ISPN-6127 Minor Stream Performance tweaks
* Replace UUID of stream commands with Integer
* Reduce some object allocations
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6137 Fix ScriptMetadataTest.testBrokenParameters 9a09e5b
Commits on Feb 04, 2016
@anistor anistor ISPN-5995 ParseUtils.unexpectedElement/unxpectedAttribute called but …
…the exception is not thrown
@wburns wburns ISPN-6175 Server throwing warning about wrong eviction configuration ff91ccf
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6129 Upgrade to WildFly 10.0.0.Final 9d011eb
Commits on Feb 05, 2016
@mgencur mgencur ISPN-6182 Scala blueprint generator does not work on JDK 1.9 4514078
@mgencur mgencur ISPN-6125 JMX attribute evictions is always zero cc20181
Commits on Feb 08, 2016
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6185 Server ops for task management fcca3c7
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6188 Script management ops 7d0aa92
@anistor anistor ISPN-6128 Expose ProtoBuf Manager through DMR e1cc715
Commits on Feb 09, 2016
@pferraro pferraro ISPN-6192 Short-term memory leak caused by RPCs that complete prior t…
…o their timeout
@mgencur mgencur ISPN-5868 Infinispan Server CLI container command doesn't work 373333f
Commits on Feb 10, 2016
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-6136 OptimisticLockingTxClusterExtendedStatisticLogicTest failures 3670efe
@wburns wburns ISPN-6191 Provide Externalizers for (Double|Long|Int)SummaryStatistics
* Use reflection to read and write to fields
@wburns wburns ISPN-5367 Cache putMap/getAll usage of SegmentAwareMap/Set performance

* Use standard map to prevent iteration over all entries multiple times
@gustavonalle gustavonalle ISPN-6174 Avoid calling the server after iteration is done in the rem…
…ote iterator
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-6056 Improve ReplicableCommand marshalling eb2a014
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6193 Deprecate the endpoint topology cache-suffix attribute 614e35f
@kazuhira-r kazuhira-r Update documentation to show that Cluster Listener supports CacheEntr…
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6198 Allow filtering of event logs by category and level af7f38b
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6197 Task event logging c0ede9d
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6188 Unwrap task parameters to Strings. c0f7fb1
Commits on Feb 11, 2016
@tristantarrant tristantarrant ISPN-6199 Persist roles to the container authorization configuration …
…only if present
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-825 Staggered remote get
* The stagger timeout is fixed at 5 millis, it should be configurable
* The total timeout scheduled task should be scheduled only after
  the last request
@rvansa rvansa ISPN-825 Staggered remote get
* Timeout configurable through -Dinfinispan.stagger.delay
* Total replication timeout registered only with last staggered request
@rvansa rvansa ISPN-825 Check for exceeded deadline 90ab5a3
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-825 Allow staggered requests with no timeout cc45272
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-825 Use a security action to read the stagger system property b97f8c4
@danberindei danberindei ISPN-825 Staggered remote get
* Use TimeService for the stagger timeout
* Cancel timeout task when the RPC finishes normally
* Invoke the next RPC from the timeout task directly, without a
  separate CompletableFuture.
* Update the remote get section in the user guide.
Commits on Feb 12, 2016
@pruivo pruivo ISPN-6195 CacheNotFoundResponse error when starting multiple Infinisp…
…an Server instances in parallel
@wburns wburns ISPN-6051 ClusterExpirationManager missing locking
* Added entry locking so when an entry is updated we don't
* expire a previous value
@vjuranek vjuranek ISPN-6200 Fix remote iterators in compatibility mode d4ccb1f