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Infinit is a next generation storage platform that has been designed with scalability and resilience in mind. Infinit is particularly well suited for modern environments such as containers that require the storage component to be highly customizable:

  • Software-based: can be deployed on any hardware from legacy appliances to commodity bare metal, virtual machines or even containers.
  • Programmatic: developers can easily automate the creation and deployment of multiple storage infrastructure, each tailored to the overlying application's needs through policy-based capabilities.
  • Scalable: by relying on a decentralized architecture (i.e peer-to-peer), Infinit does away with the master/slave model, hence does not suffer from bottlenecks and single points of failure.
  • Self Healing: Infinit's rebalancing mechanism allows for the system to adapt to various types of failures, including Byzantine.
  • Multi-Purpose: the Infinit platform provides interfaces for block, object and file storage: NFS, SMB, AWS S3, OpenStack Swift, iSCSI, FUSE etc.