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Infinitas is an open source content management framework that was developed using the CakePHP framework (v2.x). Amongst other things, its a blog, cms, newsletter emailing system and on-line shopping cart.
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To get started running Infinitas, follow the steps below. Infinitas is currently 
tested and working (with some bugs) on various 5.2+ php installations with MySQL.

The web installer makes for easy installation, there is also a shell version but 
has not been finalised just yet.

(A) Quick Start Guide
0) If you don't have cake, download and set it up ( )
	you can also get it with `git clone git://`
	Make sure to use the latest version of 2.1 (2.2 has some backwards breaking changes in controllers)

(B) Manually
1) download the app from
2) extract the files to the app dir, not ../app/infinits/<files> but ../app/<files>
3) If you would like the extra plugins (recomended)
	3a) you will need to download them all manually and put them in the plugins folder. maybe its time to start using git
4) see instructions (C) below

(B) Via Git
================================================================================1) cd into your servers webroot directory
1) git clone git:// infinitas/
2) cd infinitas/

3) If you would like the extra plugins (recomended)
	git submodule update --init --recursive
4) see instructions (C) below

(C) Installation
5) make APP/config/ and APP/tmp/ writeable for the installation 
	(or just make the entire app owned by the web server `sudo chown www-data:www-data -R ./`)
6) create a db (remember the name and login details for just now)
7) visit the corresponding url to where you cloned it to (http://localhost/ or infinitas/ maybe)
8) Follow the instructions
	8a) although there is a `sample data` option, it will install sample data regardless.
9) If all has gone well you should be on a screen that asks you to enter the main administration details, fill this out and hit enter
10) pat yourself on the back, infinitas is now running :)

Please let us know if you have any issues trying to run Infinitas. There is a bug tracker 
at or #infinitas on IRC (
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