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A library to help build multi-lingual websites
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Localize.js is an open-source project to help developers create
multi-lingual websites, whilst leveraging the work done by the Unicode
Inc CLDR, for common language elements like country lists, 
languages, time zones etc. 

This repository contains work done by Unicode, Inc, and subject to license.

A demonstration of the library is contained in index.html. Feel free to fork this library,
and improve upon it, under the requirement that you give credit to the source, 
Infinite Loop Development Ltd ( and keep the copyright notice

Usage of CLDR data and software is governed by the Unicode Terms of Use, a copy of which is included as unicode-license.txt. Some CLDR tools depend on libraries in tools/java/libs/; use of these libraries is governed by separate license agreements. Use of the ICU libraries is subject to the ICU License, included as ICU-LICENSE. Use of the Guava, Xerces, and Myanmar Tools libraries is subject to the Apache License, included as apache-license.txt. Copyright © 1991-2019 Unicode, Inc ( and Infinite Loop Development Ltd. (
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