Install this User Script via TamperMonkey to add Harvest Tracker to Invision Enterprise workflow pages
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Harvest Time Tracking Integration with Invision Enterprise workflow screens

Install this User Script via TamperMonkey to add the Harvest Tracker Plugin to Invision Enterprise workflow pages

Script in action


  • You must have an Enterprise account set up for Invision and be logged in.
  • You must have an account with Harvest and be logged in.

Install TamperMonkey

Install Script

After installing TamperMonkey, open harvest_invisionapp_integration.user.js and click the 'Raw' button. This will open an install screen for Tampermonkey with an Install button. Click it to install the script.

Premium Support

Harvest InVision Integration, as an open source project, is free to use and always will be. Infinite Red offers premium Harvest InVision Integration support and general mobile app design/development services. Email us at to get in touch with us for more details.