The hottest CLI for React Native, boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more!
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Ignite CLI

🔥 The hottest CLI for React Native, boilerplates, plugins, generators, and more. 🔥

Note: if you're coming to Chain React, the React Native Conference in Portland July 11-13, we'll be handing out Ignite stickers! Be sure to say hi to an Infinite Red employee there.

Ignite CLI is here!

After months of work and sweat and tears, Ignite CLI has landed! We're incredibly proud of where Ignite CLI is and where it's headed.

Cliff notes version of the difference between Ignite 1 and Ignite CLI:

Ignite 1 was a (very nice!) React Native boilerplate. Ignite CLI is a generator for React Native with boilerplates, plugins, and more. Where before you had one choice -- Infinite Red's boilerplate -- now you can choose from many boilerplates and also add standalone plugins as you need them. It's much more modular and extensible than Ignite 1.

If you really liked Ignite 1 as it was, then not much has changed! You just run ignite new MyApp --max and everything feels pretty normal from there.

Why Ignite CLI?

  • Easily spin up a new React Native app with best practices built-in
  • No runtime! This is a developer tool only, not a library you have to depend on
  • An ever-expanding list of boilerplates and plugins
  • Powerful but well-defined behavior
  • Battle tested and used every day by the developers at Infinite Red

And you also get (by default) all of the sweet, sweet goodness of our default boilerplate, or choose one of many others.

⬇️ Install

First, make sure you're set up for React Native


Make sure you have Node 7.6+

Note: July 2017 Users of Node 8.0+ should beware of issues with debugging. V8 uses the inspector protocol and no longer allows --debug and --debug-brk. But inspector does not run well with Chrome debugger (and probably also not with VS Code debugger and node-inspector). Breakpoints are not hit, or debugger doesn't disconnect. So inform yourself well before going this route. See (and many related issues) for more info.

While you are free to use whichever node version manager you like, we like using n

If you currently use nvm and would like to switch, follow these steps

You can check your version of node by running

node -v

then install Yarn for your system


All global installs below are using npm over yarn because of this bug on Windows.

$ npm install -g ignite-cli
$ ignite new MyNewAppName

Quick Example

Infinite Red provides two boilerplates, they are:

  • Andross - the tried and true (React Navigation, Redux, & Redux Saga)
  • Bowser - the latest and greatest, which is currently in beta (React Navigation, MobX State Tree, & TypeScript)

Use Ignite Bowser: Infinite Red Bowser boilerplate

$ npm install -g ignite-cli
$ ignite new PizzaApp
  ( Choose `Bowser (currently in beta)` when prompted )
$ cd PizzaApp
$ ignite generate screen pizza-location-list
  ( Choose `example` domain when prompted. This determines where your new screen will go in the directory structure. )
$ ignite generate component pizza-location
  ( Choose `example` domain when prompted. This determines where your new screen will go in the directory structure. )
$ ignite i love you

Use Ignite Andross Infinite Red Andross boilerplate

$ npm install -g ignite-cli
$ ignite new PizzaApp
  ( Choose Andross when prompted )
$ cd PizzaApp
$ ignite add maps
$ ignite add vector-icons
$ ignite generate screen PizzaLocationList
$ ignite generate component PizzaLocation
$ ignite generate map StoreLocator
$ ignite add i18n
$ ignite remove i18n
$ ignite i love you

📋 Documentation 📋

Want to dive into the Ignite CLI documentation? Go here Looking for React Native's documentation? Go here

🔌 Plugins 🔌

Check out the list of Plugins

🍽 Boilerplates 🍽

Check out the list of Boilerplates

$ ignite new MyNewAppName -b ir-boilerplate

💩 Troubleshooting 💩

If you run into problems, first search the issues in this repository. If you don't find anything, you can either file an issue or come talk to our friendly developers in the Infinite Red Community Slack (

🔭 Where to Go From Here 🔭

Contribute to Ignite CLI - Getting up and running for your first pull request

Take a tour of Ignite CLI source code

Chat with us on the IR Community - Infinite Red devs standing by

Who are We? - Learn More About Infinite Red

Project Web Page - Ignite on Infinite Red

❤️ Special Thanks ❤️

Thank you to the numerous contributors of Ignite CLI. Our awe and appreciation for the friendliness of Open Source is the fuel for all Infinite Red projects like Ignite CLI.

Premium Support

Ignite CLI, as open source projects, is free to use and always will be. Infinite Red offers premium React Native app design/development services. Get in touch here or email us at