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This repo contains the Public Extensions for the MonoGame Content Pipeline developed by Infinitespace Studios. All code is under the MIT licence.


This processor is designed to allow Mac OS and Linux developers compile shaders on their platforms. It does this by using a remote service on a Windows machine to compile the shader. There are currently three options for using this Processor

  1. Use the default service at This is currrently free, but hosting is not free so if this option is popular a donation might be requested.
  2. Take the Azure service code and host your own :)
  3. User the RemoteEffectServier to host the service on a local windows box.

Options 2) and 3) will require the RemoteAddress , RemotePort and Protocol properties of the Processor to be set in order to contact the service.

Using the RemoteEffectProcessor

If you want to use the default service

  1. Open your project and find the Packages Folder. Right click and select Add Packages.

  2. This will open the Nuget search Dialog. Search for "InfinitespaceStudios.Pipeline" and add the Package.

  3. Once the package has been added. Open the Content.mgcb file in the Pipeline Editor.

  4. Select the "Content" node and then find the References property in the property grid. Double click the References property to bring up the Add References Dialog.

  5. Search for the "InfinitespaceStudios.Pipeline.dll" and Add it by clicking on the "Add" button. Note this should be located in the "packages\InfinitespaceStudios.Pipeline.X.X.X\Tools" folder. Once that is done, Save the Content.mgcb. Close it an re open it (there is a bug in the Pipeline Tool). The select the .fx file you want to change.

  6. Select the Processor property and in the drop down you should see "Remote Effect Processor - Infinitespace Studios". Select this Item.

  7. If you are using the defaults just Save the Content.mcgb. Close the Pipeline tool and Build and Run you app. It should compile without any issues. If there is a problem with the .fx file the error will be reported in the build log.

If you are using a Custom Azure site or the Local Service on a Windows box you can use the RemoteAddress , RemotePort and Protocol properties to change the location of the server. Valid Protocol values are "http" and "https" if you have a secured service. The RemoteAddress can be a CNAME or IP address.


Public Extensions for the MonoGame Content Pipeline




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