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Make Infinititest task (Mylyn) aware #44

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Similar to the issue #13, I have tens of projects on my workspace. I know you can filter to include only certain projects, but that's too cumbersome as I frequently switch between projects. What I really would like is that Infinititest kept running only those tests that are currently in my active Mylyn task context. Adding the issue now, might work on it myself at some point unless somebody else gets the same itch before.


From what I've experienced, Infinitest only runs tests that are dependent upon the changes that are made. If this is truly the case, wouldn't you want the tests to run even if they weren't part of your current context, but could have become broken by your change?


In an ideal world perhaps. However, in practice I have several thousands tests visible in my workspace and if Infinitest runs all of them at startup, I never really reach the point where it could start testing the changes. Filtering them out is not an option, because I do want to run the tests when they are in my active context. Running context-oriented tests seems like the best compromise between covering all and covering the meaningful ones as early as possible.


OK, just another couple of suggestions: I assume you already know you can filter out your slow tests if you'd like. Also, you might want to check out Kent Beck's JUnit Max. It's $100/year now.

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As said, I want to run the tests, especially the slow ones, on the background when they are part of the context. I arrived at Infinitest after reading about JUnit Max. (Whoops, not sure what I pressed, but I accidentally closed the issue while I was writing this comment). Not sure what your overall position is regarding the issue but if I find the time, I'd be happy to work on it myself at some point.


I'm a fellow user, so I have no opinion other than to say the more features the better! At this point I don't have any need for the feature you suggest.

Maybe an easier implementation that could accomplish what you need is to have an option not to run all tests upon start-up, with the presumption that all tests already pass. I think a "make clean" in Eclipse will cause all tests to run, and similarly in that case, the option would prevent any tests from being run. When you are ready to run all tests to double check nothing broke, you could uncheck the option.



Won't fix

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