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uhafner commented Jun 28, 2011

Currently the Eclipse plug-in occupies a large portion of the status bar. It would be better if this could be shortened somehow (only an icon and a word). Additionally, the colors of this status bar updates should be configurable. Especially if there are no tests pending (waiting) the black background is drawing too much attention (it would be better to not change the background and use the default colors).

purple52 commented Jul 5, 2012

I really like this plugin, but when installed on Eclipse 4.2 it doubles the height of the status bar and makes the Eclipse progress status appear bottom left instead of bottom right. Unfortunately this takes up too much screen space on my laptop, so I've had to uninstall.


I am red green colorblind, so while I can still discern the different outcomes, doing so is maddening.


I reverse my colors in the video driver and am surprised how mentally taxing it is to grok that red is good and green is bad.


Please make the status bar widget shrink to just one icon with both color and format (maybe circle / downward triangle) or like @uhafner mentioned a single word, and let messages appear on mouse-over or click only.
In the end you can still execute your tests outside Infinitest and get more information when needed.


I'm always confused that infinitest (unlike JUnit) reports the number of test Classes executed instead of test Methods.

Could You please give a configuration option to choose between those two approaches?

Should I raise a separate issue on this?


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