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Integrate Build on Save in IntelliJ #74

dbaeli opened this Issue · 2 comments

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Dimitri BAELI Nicolas Hurion David Gageot
Dimitri BAELI

Eclipse Mode plugin has an interesting feature to activate the Build on save in IDEA
And the sources are available here (licence to check) :

Can we integrate that in Infinitest ?
Can we try to build on auto-save (Idea does that).

I'm opened to discuss about that.

Nicolas Hurion

There is an updated version available here

It works with IntelliJ 11.
When activated, on save, build is done and infinitest kicks in directly.

I haven't tried with auto-save, but if Eclipse Mode works in auto-save, the combination should work as well.

David Gageot

You can use a Macro to save and build. Infinitest will trigger automatically.

David Gageot dgageot closed this
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