This is an area for code that allows humanoid characters to ride creatures in Unity game.
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This is an area for code that allows humanoid characters to ride creatures in game.

The goal is to allow any Humanoid (such as the Human Fantasy Pack PBR) to ride any creature (such as the Dragons Pack PBR). While the end result should work with the InfinityPBR models, I would hope that it can also work with any models produced by anyone else.

The code is free to use by anyone for anything.


The end result should be a script that can be called on a "Rider" (humanoid) and one that can be called on a "Mount" (such as the Dragon). When the Player wants to make their Rider get on a Mount, for instance, the apprpriate method will be called on both scripts, and the Rider will smoothly and seamlessly get onto the Mount using the "Mount" animation provided with teh Rider character.

Once on, the Rider will stay in the appropriate riding position (such as in a saddle), and be able to perform other animations, such as attack, cast or idle animtions. The feet of the Rider, if in a stirrup, will remain in the stirrups at all time. Any hands that are holding onto reins, will continue to hold onto them, even if they move via the Mount animations.


I couldn't figure it out myself. I tried working with someone via Unity Connect, but that didn't work out so well, and I lost some money in the process without any solid solution that actually worked. I'm well aware that many of you are more capable to figure this out, so I'm hoping to learn from you and work with you on an ideal solution.


The initial project file requires both the Dragons Pack PBR and the Human Fantasy Pack (previously called the RPG Barbarian Pack) to be installed. This is the project that was created by the developer I hired. Unfortunately it doesn't work as intended, and I feel that it could be better, but I haven't been able to figure out exactly how to make it work yet.