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DatX is an opinionated JS/TS data store. It features support for simple property definition, references to other models and first-class TypeScript support.

By default, it uses the MobX state management library, but this is optional and can be used as a pure JS library.

Basic usage

import { Collection, Model, Attribute } from '@datx/core';
import { computed } from 'mobx';

class Person extends Model {
  public static type = 'person'; // Unique name of the model class

  public name!: string; // A normal property without a default value
  public surname!: string;
  @Attribute({ toOne: Person })
  public spouse?: Person; // A reference to a Person model

  public get fullName() { // Standard MobX computed props
    return `${} ${this.surname}`;

class AppData extends Collection {
  public static types = [Person]; // A list of models available in the collection

const store = new AppData();
const john = store.add(new Person({ name: 'John', surname: 'Smith' })); // Add a model instance to the store
const jane = store.add({ name: 'Jane', surname: 'Smith', spouse: john }, Person); // Add a model to the store

Getting started

npm install --save @datx/core


The lib makes use of the following features that are not yet available everywhere. Based on your browser support, you might want to polyfill them:

How to add the polyfills.


The library contains two main classes - Model and Collection.

A collection contains models of any kind (they should however be listed in the types property), while a model can be in a single collection (but doesn't need to be in any).

Models also include some useful methods and properties, but if they're in collision with your data/logic, you can use a PureModel class.


Mixins are additional plugins that can enhance the regular models and collections. Available mixins:

  • withActions (model) - Adds some helper methods to the model - already included in the Model class, but not in the PureModel class
  • withMeta (model) - Adds some helpful meta data to the model - already included in the Model class, but not in the PureModel class
  • withPatches (model, collection) - Adds patch support to models and collections
  • datx-jsonapi (model, collection and view) - Adds the JSON API features to the model, collection and view

To check out what are the planed future mixins, check out the issues.

Want to make your own mixin? Check out the guide.

API reference


Having issues with the library? Check out the troubleshooting page or open an issue.

Build Status


The MIT License


datx is maintained and sponsored by Infinum.