Data collection store for MobX
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Structured data store for MobX. Partially influenced by Backbone Collections.

Using JSON API? Check out mobx-jsonapi-store - All mobx-collection-store features, and JSON API helpers in one place.

Can be used with Redux DevTools.

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Basic usage

import {Collection} from 'mobx-collection-store';

const collection = new Collection();

const john = collection.add({
  id: 1,
  firstName: 'John',
  lastName: 'Doe'

const jane = collection.add({
  id: 2,
  firstName: 'Jane',
  lastName: 'Doe'

console.log(collection.length); // 2

john.lastName = 'Williams';
console.log(john.lastName); // 'Williams'

For more advanced use-cases, check out the getting started guide, or the examples folder.


To install, use npm or yarn. The lib has a peer dependency of mobx 2.7.0 or later (including MobX 3).

npm install mobx-collection-store mobx --save
yarn add mobx-collection-store mobx

Since the lib is exposed as a set of CommonJS modules, you'll need something like webpack or browserify in order to use it in the browser.

Don't forget to prepare your code for production for better performance!

Getting started

The main idea behind the library is to have one instance of the collection that contains multiple model types. This way, there can be references between models that can handle all use cases, including circular dependencies.

API reference

The library contains the following elements:


The MIT License


mobx-collection-store is maintained and sponsored by Infinum.