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JSON API Store for MobX

Deprecation and migration

mobx-jsonapi-store and mobx-collection-store are deprecated in favor of datx - it follows the same concepts, but adds support for MobX 4 and 5, better TypeScript support and more extensibility.

If you're new to the libraries, check out the datx examples and docs.

If you already use mobx-jsonapi-store, check out the migration guide.

Don't need any JSON API specific features? Check out mobx-collection-store.

Can be used with Redux DevTools.

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Basic example

import {Store} from 'mobx-jsonapi-store';

const store = new Store();
const user = store.sync(userResponse); // Assumption: userResponse was received from some API call and it's a valid JSON API response
console.log(; // "John"

For more, check out the Getting started guide.


To install, use npm or yarn. The lib has a peer dependency of mobx 2.7.0 or later (including MobX 3) and mobx-collection-store.

npm install mobx-jsonapi-store mobx-collection-store mobx --save
yarn add mobx-jsonapi-store mobx-collection-store mobx

Since the lib is exposed as a set of CommonJS modules, you'll need something like webpack or browserify in order to use it in the browser.

Don't forget to prepare your code for production for better performance!

Migration from v3 to v4

Version 4 has a few breaking changes described in the migration guide.

Getting started

The main idea behind the library is to have one instance of the store that contains multiple model types. This way, there can be references between models that can handle all use cases, including circular dependencies.


mobx-jsonapi-store is 100% compatible with the JSON API v1.0 spec

API reference


The MIT License


mobx-jsonapi-store is maintained and sponsored by Infinum.

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