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Plugin options

The plugin allows you to specify several options. Here are the default values:

new WebpackAssetPipeline({
  fileName: 'manifest.json',
  writeToFileEmit: false,
  extraneous: null,
  mapAssetPath: (requirePath) => requirePath


This is the output file that will be created after each change. The default value is manifest.json.


When using this plugin with webpack-dev-plugin the manifest file will not be written to a file, but to an in-memory filesystem used by webpack-dev-plugin. Setting this to true will always create a file on the filesystem.


If for any reason you wish to supply the files that will not go through the Webpack comilation you can do so here. It's important to note that they will not be copied over to the output folder.

  // ...
  extraneous: ['./file.jpg'],
  // ...


The function will receive three arguments:

  • requirePath (e.g. images/photos/sunset.jpg) - the path that was originally required in JS/CSS/HTML
  • assetName (e.g. sunset.jpg) - the file name that was required in JS/CSS/HTML
  • isChunk (eg. true) - specifies if the file is in the named chunk. Output JS and CSS files usually are.

The function should return a string that will be used as a key in the manifest. By default, this will be the requirePath value.