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Setup the project

Setting up WordPress boilerplate is easy, but requires a few prerequisites to be met. You need to have composer, node.js and wp-cli installed.

To set it up, fork, or download the repository. In case you forked it, clone it in the root of your project (public_html). Then you just need to run


This is the shell script that will ask you few questions about your theme - theme name, package name, author name etc.

Once the setup completes, you should run


The setup script will install npm and composer packages, and generate autoloader with predefined classes.

After running setup script, you'll need to create wp-config.php. You can do that manually, or use WP-CLI

wp config create --dbname={DBNAME} --dbuser={DBUSER} --dbpass={DBPASS}
wp core install --url={} --title={THEMENAME} --admin_user={ADMINUSER} --admin_email={ADMINMAIL}
wp theme activate {THEMENAME}

This will install the WordPress core alongside your newly created theme.

And that's it for the setup.

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