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Caja Admin

This is a port/fork of for the Caja file manager. Also be aware this extension only for in and not in wayland. You are encouraged to use the gvfs admin interface (admin://).

GPLv3 license

Caja Admin is a simple Python extension for the Caja file manager that adds some administrative actions to the right-click menu:

  • Open as Administrator: opens a folder in a new Caja window running with administrator (root) privileges.
  • Edit as Administrator: opens a file in a Pluma window running with administrator (root) privileges.
  • Run as Administrator: runs an executable file with administrator (root) privileges inside a MATE Terminal.


Running the File Manager, the Text Editor or an executable with Administrator privileges is dangerous! You can easily destroy your system if you are not careful! Think twice before doing so, especially before running untrusted executables downloaded from the Internet. They can contain malware, which can do irreversible damage to your system when given Administrator privileges!

You will be warned the first time you use one of the actions above.


You can download the latest version of the extension from the Releases page.

Compiling from source

Check the file for instruction on how to compile the extension from source.

Reporting bugs

You can report bugs and ask questions at the extension's issue tracker.


Check the file for info on how to contribute.