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There are several fields that are common to both the reports and registrations forms that are expressed in different ways in each. Calling the fields the same thing in both instances would make working with the files much easier to understand and program against. Besides the following three fields, everything else matches up as well as it can and is easy to work with:

Registration Report
registrant.registrant_house_id client_registrant_house_id
registrant.registrant_senate_id client_registrant_senate_id
registration_type.amendment report_is_amendment

the registrant_house_id and the client_registrant_house_id are different things, so shouldn't have the same field name. per the LDA guide:

Registrant Name Client Name User/Registrant ID Client ID Complete Senate ID
K Street Incorporated Constitution Group 12345 12 12345-12
K Street Incorporated Independence Group 12345 24 12345-24
K Street Incorporated Democracy Group 12345 36 12345-36

What they refer to as "Complete Senate ID" is the value of the field that we get in LD-2's. In the future, if it seems like that field is actually sane, we can split it and assign the client and registrant IDs separately.

You're right about report_is_amendment. There should be a separate "report type" subtree.

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Also, registrant.registrant_contact_name in reports versus registrant.registrant_contact in registrations. Same for similar fields dealing with email and phones for contacts.


lobbyist_covered_official_position vs. :lobbyist_covered_position

form field rename
LD1 registrant.organization_or_lobbying_firm organization_or_lobbying_firm
LD2 registrant.organization_lobbying_firm organization_or_lobbying_firm
LD1 registrant.registrant_phone registrant_contact_phone
LD2 registrant.registrant_contact_phone registrant_contact_phone
LD1 registrant.registrant_contact registrant_contact_name
LD2 registrant.registrant_contact_name registrant_contact_name
LD1 registrant.registrant_email registrant_contact_email
LD2 registrant.registrant_contact_email registrant_contact_email
LD1 lobbying_issues.*.issue_code general_issue_area
LD2 lobbying_activities.*.general_issue_area general_issue_area
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