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This project is available for adoption

If you have interest in maintaining this project, please contact me and I will initiate a transfer of ownership.

No further development efforts are expected (it's been three years!)

MagickWand API bindings for Rust

This project aims to create Rust style safety for using the popular ImageMagick library, specifically the MagickWand API.

Original API docs for MagickWand can be found here.

The concepts used in this C API do not directly lend themselves to translation to Rust, so the API will change as it is wrapped.

Initial generation of bindings was made using the excellent rust-bindgen tool.


To build the library and samples, simply run make.

Samples will be built as binaries and placed in ./bin.

Samples are based on the code samples for MagickWand, though the particular idioms will be adapted to a more Rust friendly style.


If you have need of ImageMagick, and you love Rust, feel free to contribute! As the project is in a very early phase right now, the best place to help out is implementing the sample code from the ImageMagick website, making it Rust friendly and updating the exposed rustwand API to match.

Additional Information

I'll be blogging about the development of rustwand when relevant at the Scale It! blog.


The library is currently very unstable. Once I figure out a good way of handling the versioning of the underlying ImageMagick and MagickWand APIs, things will be relatively safe.