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Kapacitor Circle CI Docker pulls

Open source framework for processing, monitoring, and alerting on time series data


Kapacitor has two binaries:

  • kapacitor – a CLI program for calling the Kapacitor API.
  • kapacitord – the Kapacitor server daemon.

You can either download the binaries directly from the downloads page or go get them:

go get
go get


An example configuration file can be found here

Kapacitor can also provide an example config for you using this command:

kapacitord config

Getting Started

This README gives you a high level overview of what Kapacitor is and what its like to use it. As well as some details of how it works. To get started using Kapacitor see this guide. After you finish the getting started exercise you can check out the TICKscripts for different Telegraf plugins.

Basic Example

Kapacitor uses a DSL named TICKscript to define tasks.

A simple TICKscript that alerts on high cpu usage looks like this:

    |eval(lambda: 100.0 - "mean")
        .message('{{ .Level}}: {{ .Name }}/{{ index .Tags "host" }} has high cpu usage: {{ index .Fields "used" }}')
        .warn(lambda: "used" > 70.0)
        .crit(lambda: "used" > 85.0)

        // Send alert to hander of choice.

        // Slack

        // VictorOps

        // PagerDuty

Place the above script into a file cpu_alert.tick then run these commands to start the task:

# Define the task (assumes cpu data is in db 'telegraf')
kapacitor define \
    cpu_alert \
    -type stream \
    -dbrp telegraf.default \
    -tick ./cpu_alert.tick
# Start the task
kapacitor enable cpu_alert