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This is an encoder for the influx line protocol.

It has an interface similar to the standard library's json.Encoder.

some caveats.

  • It is not concurrency-safe. If you want to make multiple calls to Encoder.Encode concurrently you have to manage the concurrency yourself.
  • It can only encode values that are uint64, int64, int, float32, float64, string, or bool.
  • Ints are converted to int64, float32's to float64.
  • If UintSupport is not set, uint64s are converted to int64's and if they are larger than the max int64, they get truncated to the max int64 instead of overflowing.


buf := &bytes.Buffer{}
serializer := protocol.NewEncoder(buf)
serializer.Encode(e) // where e is something that implements the protocol.Metric interface
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