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Telegraf Circle CI Docker pulls

Telegraf is an agent for collecting, processing, aggregating, and writing metrics.

Design goals are to have a minimal memory footprint with a plugin system so that developers in the community can easily add support for collecting metrics.

Telegraf is plugin-driven and has the concept of 4 distinct plugin types:

  1. Input Plugins collect metrics from the system, services, or 3rd party APIs
  2. Processor Plugins transform, decorate, and/or filter metrics
  3. Aggregator Plugins create aggregate metrics (e.g. mean, min, max, quantiles, etc.)
  4. Output Plugins write metrics to various destinations

New plugins are designed to be easy to contribute, pull requests are welcomed and we work to incorporate as many pull requests as possible.

Try in Browser 🚀

You can try Telegraf right in your browser in the Telegraf playground.


There are many ways to contribute:


You can download the binaries directly from the downloads page or from the releases section.

Ansible Role:

Ansible role:

From Source:

Telegraf requires golang version 1.10 or newer, the Makefile requires GNU make.

  1. Install Go >=1.10 (1.12 recommended)
  2. Install dep ==v0.5.0
  3. Download Telegraf source:
    go get -d
  4. Run make from the source directory
    cd "$HOME/go/src/"


View the changelog for the latest updates and changes by version.

Nightly Builds

These builds are generated from the master branch:

How to use it:

See usage with:

telegraf --help

Generate a telegraf config file:

telegraf config > telegraf.conf

Generate config with only cpu input & influxdb output plugins defined:

telegraf --input-filter cpu --output-filter influxdb config

Run a single telegraf collection, outputing metrics to stdout:

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --test

Run telegraf with all plugins defined in config file:

telegraf --config telegraf.conf

Run telegraf, enabling the cpu & memory input, and influxdb output plugins:

telegraf --config telegraf.conf --input-filter cpu:mem --output-filter influxdb


Latest Release Documentation.

For documentation on the latest development code see the documentation index.

Input Plugins



Processor Plugins

Aggregator Plugins

Output Plugins

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