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Final Aggregator Plugin

The final aggregator emits the last metric of a contiguous series. A contiguous series is defined as a series which receives updates within the time period in series_timeout. The contiguous series may be longer than the time interval defined by period.

This is useful for getting the final value for data sources that produce discrete time series such as procstat, cgroup, kubernetes etc.

When a series has not been updated within the time defined in series_timeout, the last metric is emitted with the _final appended.


  ## The period on which to flush & clear the aggregator.
  period = "30s"
  ## If true, the original metric will be dropped by the
  ## aggregator and will not get sent to the output plugins.
  drop_original = false

  ## The time that a series is not updated until considering it final.
  series_timeout = "5m"


Measurement and tags are unchanged, fields are emitted with the suffix _final.

Example Output

counter,host=bar i_final=3,j_final=6 1554281635115090133
counter,host=foo i_final=3,j_final=6 1554281635112992012

Original input:

counter,host=bar i=1,j=4 1554281633101153300
counter,host=foo i=1,j=4 1554281633099323601
counter,host=bar i=2,j=5 1554281634107980073
counter,host=foo i=2,j=5 1554281634105931116
counter,host=bar i=3,j=6 1554281635115090133
counter,host=foo i=3,j=6 1554281635112992012
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