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Cisco model-driven telemetry (MDT)

Cisco model-driven telemetry (MDT) is an input plugin that consumes telemetry data from Cisco IOS XR, IOS XE and NX-OS platforms. It supports TCP & GRPC dialout transports. GRPC-based transport can utilize TLS for authentication and encryption. Telemetry data is expected to be GPB-KV (self-describing-gpb) encoded.

The GRPC dialout transport is supported on various IOS XR (64-bit) 6.1.x and later, IOS XE 16.10 and later, as well as NX-OS 7.x and later platforms.

The TCP dialout transport is supported on IOS XR (32-bit and 64-bit) 6.1.x and later.


  ## Telemetry transport (one of: tcp, grpc)
  transport = "grpc"

  ## Address and port to host telemetry listener
  service_address = ":57000"

  ## Enable TLS for GRPC transport
  # tls_cert = "/etc/telegraf/cert.pem"
  # tls_key = "/etc/telegraf/key.pem"

  ## Enable TLS client authentication and define allowed CA certificates
  # tls_allowed_cacerts = ["/etc/telegraf/clientca.pem"]

  ## Define aliases to map telemetry encoding paths to simple measurement names
    ifstats = "ietf-interfaces:interfaces-state/interface/statistics"

Example Output:

ifstats,path=ietf-interfaces:interfaces-state/interface/statistics,host=linux,name=GigabitEthernet2,source=csr1kv,subscription=101 in-unicast-pkts=27i,in-multicast-pkts=0i,discontinuity-time="2019-05-23T07:40:23.000362+00:00",in-octets=5233i,in-errors=0i,out-multicast-pkts=0i,out-discards=0i,in-broadcast-pkts=0i,in-discards=0i,in-unknown-protos=0i,out-unicast-pkts=0i,out-broadcast-pkts=0i,out-octets=0i,out-errors=0i 1559150462624000000
ifstats,path=ietf-interfaces:interfaces-state/interface/statistics,host=linux,name=GigabitEthernet1,source=csr1kv,subscription=101 in-octets=3394770806i,in-broadcast-pkts=0i,in-multicast-pkts=0i,out-broadcast-pkts=0i,in-unknown-protos=0i,out-octets=350212i,in-unicast-pkts=9477273i,in-discards=0i,out-unicast-pkts=2726i,out-discards=0i,discontinuity-time="2019-05-23T07:40:23.000363+00:00",in-errors=30i,out-multicast-pkts=0i,out-errors=0i 1559150462624000000
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