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GitHub Input Plugin

Gather repository information from GitHub hosted repositories.

Note: Telegraf also contains the webhook input which can be used as an alternative method for collecting repository information.


  ## List of repositories to monitor
  repositories = ["influxdata/telegraf"]

  ## Github API access token.  Unauthenticated requests are limited to 60 per hour.
  # access_token = ""

  ## Timeout for HTTP requests.
  # http_timeout = "5s"


  • github_repository
    • tags:
      • name - The repository name
      • owner - The owner of the repository
      • language - The primary language of the repository
      • license - The license set for the repository
    • fields:
      • stars (int)
      • forks (int)
      • open_issues (int)
      • size (int)

When the internal input is enabled:

  • internal_github
    • tags:
      • access_token - An obfusticated reference to the configured access token or "Unauthenticated"
    • fields:
      • limit - How many requests you are limited to (per hour)
      • remaining - How many requests you have remaining (per hour)
      • blocks - How many requests have been blocked due to rate limit

Example Output

github,full_name=influxdata/telegraf,name=telegraf,owner=influxdata,language=Go,license=MIT\ License stars=6401i,forks=2421i,open_issues=722i,size=22611i 1552651811000000000
internal_github,access_token=Unauthenticated rate_limit_remaining=59i,rate_limit_limit=60i,rate_limit_blocks=0i 1552653551000000000
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