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OpenWeatherMap Input Plugin

Collect current weather and forecast data from OpenWeatherMap.

To use this plugin you will need an api key (app_id).

City identifiers can be found in the city list. Alternately you can search by name; the city_id can be found as the last digits of the URL:


  ## OpenWeatherMap API key.
  app_id = "xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx"

  ## City ID's to collect weather data from.
  city_id = ["5391959"]

  ## APIs to fetch; can contain "weather" or "forecast".
  fetch = ["weather", "forecast"]

  ## OpenWeatherMap base URL
  # base_url = ""

  ## Timeout for HTTP response.
  # response_timeout = "5s"

  ## Preferred unit system for temperature and wind speed. Can be one of
  ## "metric", "imperial", or "standard".
  # units = "metric"

  ## Query interval; OpenWeatherMap weather data is updated every 10
  ## minutes.
  interval = "10m"


  • weather
    • tags:
      • city_id
      • forecast
    • fields:
      • cloudiness (int, percent)
      • humidity (int, percent)
      • pressure (float, atmospheric pressure hPa)
      • rain (float, rain volume for the last 3 hours in mm)
      • sunrise (int, nanoseconds since unix epoch)
      • sunset (int, nanoseconds since unix epoch)
      • temperature (float, degrees)
      • visibility (int, meters, not available on forecast data)
      • wind_degrees (float, wind direction in degrees)
      • wind_speed (float, wind speed in meters/sec or miles/sec)

Example Output

> weather,city=San\ Francisco,city_id=5391959,country=US,forecast=* cloudiness=40i,humidity=72i,pressure=1013,rain=0,sunrise=1559220629000000000i,sunset=1559273058000000000i,temperature=13.31,visibility=16093i,wind_degrees=280,wind_speed=4.6 1559268695000000000
> weather,city=San\ Francisco,city_id=5391959,country=US,forecast=3h cloudiness=0i,humidity=86i,pressure=1012.03,rain=0,temperature=10.69,wind_degrees=222.855,wind_speed=2.76 1559271600000000000
> weather,city=San\ Francisco,city_id=5391959,country=US,forecast=6h cloudiness=11i,humidity=93i,pressure=1012.79,rain=0,temperature=9.34,wind_degrees=212.685,wind_speed=1.85 1559282400000000000
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