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System Input Plugin

The system plugin gathers general stats on system load, uptime, and number of users logged in. It is similar to the unix uptime command.


# Read metrics about system load & uptime
  # no configuration


The n_users field requires read access to /var/run/utmp, and may require the telegraf user to be added to the utmp group on some systems.


  • system
    • fields:
      • load1 (float)
      • load15 (float)
      • load5 (float)
      • n_users (integer)
      • n_cpus (integer)
      • uptime (integer, seconds)
      • uptime_format (string)

Example Output:

system,host=tyrion load1=3.72,load5=2.4,load15=2.1,n_users=3i,n_cpus=4i 1483964144000000000
system,host=tyrion uptime=1249632i 1483964144000000000
system,host=tyrion uptime_format="14 days, 11:07" 1483964144000000000