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Prometheus Client Service Output Plugin

This plugin starts a Prometheus Client, it exposes all metrics on /metrics (default) to be polled by a Prometheus server.


# Publish all metrics to /metrics for Prometheus to scrape
  # Address to listen on
  listen = ":9273"

  # Use TLS
  tls_cert = "/etc/ssl/telegraf.crt"
  tls_key = "/etc/ssl/telegraf.key"

  # Use http basic authentication
  basic_username = "Foo"
  basic_password = "Bar"

  # Path to publish the metrics on, defaults to /metrics
  path = "/metrics"   

  # Expiration interval for each metric. 0 == no expiration
  expiration_interval = "60s"

  # Send string metrics as Prometheus labels.
  # Unless set to false all string metrics will be sent as labels.
  string_as_label = true