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This is a collection of Helm Charts for the InfluxData TICK stack. This repo contains the following charts:

Deploy the whole stack!

  • Have your kubectl tool configured for the cluster where you would like to deploy the stack.
  • Have helm and tiller installed and configured
    • Download and configure the helm cli
    • Run helm init to install tiller in your cluster
  • Install the charts:
$ cd tick-charts
$ helm install --name data --namespace tick ./influxdb/
$ helm install --name polling --namespace tick ./telegraf-s/
$ helm install --name hosts --namespace tick ./telegraf-ds/
$ helm install --name alerts --namespace tick ./kapacitor/
$ helm install --name dash --namespace tick ./chronograf/
  • Wait for the IP for chronograf to appear:
$ kubectl get svc -w --namespace tick -l app=dash-chronograf
  • Open chronograf in your browser and configure it
    • InfluxDB URL: http://data-influxdb.tick:8086
    • Kapacitor URL: http://alerts-kapacitor.tick:9092

Or, just run ./create.sh and let the shell script do it for you! You can also tear down the installation with ./destroy.sh


To package any of the charts for deployment:

$ helm package /path/to/chart

This will create a file named {{ .Chart.Name }}-{{ .Chart.Version }}.tgz that is the chart file to be deployed. The default configurations are listed in the values.yaml file in the root of each repo. To deploy the chart with some default values create your custom values.yaml file to change the default configuration or modify the values.yaml file at the root of the chart before packaging it:

$ helm install telegraf-0.1.0.tgz --name {{ .Release.Name }} --namespace {{ .Release.Namespace }} --values /path/to/my_values.yaml

Using InfluxData's Helm repo

All the charts are also available in InfluxData's Helm repository. You can use it as so:

$ helm repo add influx http://influx-charts.storage.googleapis.com
$ helm install influx/telegraf-ds


If you are interested in contributing to this effort, we ask that you review and sign the Contributor License Agreement.
There is an individual and corporate level agreement. Please review which is right based on your situation.