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Conference Room Information



Displays information about the next talk, talks in other rooms and generic room information. Scheduling information is imported from a export.


Logo (logo)

Sets a logo. Size should be 280x100 pixel. Otherwise the image will be scaled to that size which might lead to a reduced quality.

Other room display (other_rooms)

How long to show information about talks in other rooms (in seconds)

Current room (current_room)

How long to show information about the (upcoming) talk in the current room. Default is 15 seconds.

The current talk is displayed for the first 25 minutes of that talk. So in case of a delayed start the screen will stil show useful information.

After 25 minutes into the talk this screen will show information about the next talk.

Room info (room_info)

Shows information about the current room (irc channel, recommended hashtag).

Schedule URL (schedule_url)

Url where the running devices should fetch the schedule from. The schedule is expected to be in the frabs export format. This format looks something like this:

        <title>EuroPython 2014</title>
    <day date="2014-07-21" index="1">
        <room name="C01">
        <event id="118">

Rooms (rooms)

Here you can defined your rooms. You can use the same Setup for multiple rooms.

Room name (name)

Sets the room name. This name must match the room name in the Schedule.

Short Room name (name_short)

Sets the display name of the room. You can set a shorter name for a room since space on the display is limited.

Device Serial (serial)

Enter the serial number of the device that is responsible for showing room information here.

Dect (dect)

Information about what number to dial to live audio feed.

Translation (translation)

Information about what number to dial to a live audio translation.

Hashtag (hashtag)

Information about the hashtag recommended for discussing the content of the current room.

IRC (irc)

Information about the recommended IRC channel to talk about the content of the current room.

Transitioning to other packages

This package is obsolete now as this package didn't really integrate into any other packages. The Schedule Player package offers a better option to show frab conference data and you can freely mix it with other content. Have a look at: