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Installation Guide

To install infoScoop OpenSource, there are two ways; one is installing by QuickStart, another is installing in normal way.

Installation Using QuickStart

QuickStart is a module in which Tomcat is bundled with infoScoop OpenSource so that users can quickly start using. It customized specifically for MySQL and the dump file is available, which enables a database to be easily created. Basically, using QuickStart is recommended to install infoScoop OpenSource.

  • QuickStart Setup This document explains how to install infoScoop OpenSource using QuickStart.

Basic Installation

Unlike QuickStart above, the normal installation module choose neither a specific web application server nor a database.

This way is for those who prefer to use the other web application servers and databases except for Tomcat and MySQL. Installation guides for Ubuntu and CentOS provides detailed steps in tutorial approach. These documents will also be a help when installing on the other environments like Windows. Please Refer to them when needed.

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