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JEO Blank

A blank JEO child theme so you can start your own.

JEO presents plenty of WordPress hooks (actions and filters) and JavaScript events so you can customize your child theme and transform JEO suiting your project needs. Here you will also have some ideas of what you can do.


  • Deregisters default JEO site CSS
  • Deregisters default JEO site front-end JavaScript
  • Demonstrate most used JEO hooks
  • Demonstrate useful JavaScript events

Covered WordPress hooks


  • jeo_init - JEO functionality inits
  • jeo_enqueue_scripts - Hook scripts after JEO scripts are ready
  • jeo_markers_enqueue_scripts - Hook scripts after JEO Markers scripts are ready


  • jeo_marker_data - Change posts GeoJSON data (also changes the GeoJSON API output)
  • jeo_markers_data - Change GeoJSON response
  • jeo_map_data - Change map data

Covered JavaScript events

  • jeo.mapReady - A map is ready
  • jeo.groupReady - A map group is ready
  • jeo.groupChanged - The user changes the map being displayed on the group
  • jeo.rangeSliderFiltered - The map range slider filter changes


Download this repository and start your own project as a new repository. Fork this repository only if you have contributions for the JEO Blank itself.

Make sure you read WordPress child theme specifications so you understand how templates relationship works between parent and child themes.

JEO templates

JEO uses templates to visualize some of its features. You can overwrite them by creating the files in your child theme.

Note that you can change any page template from JEO theme by creating the files in your child theme, these are the ones the JEO creates so it can run properly, here they are:

Marker bubble


The content displayed inside the bubble (tooltip) of the marker when mousehovered.



The map itself, displayed when <?php jeo_map(); ?> is called.

Map group


Same idea as content-map.php but for the map group.

Share a map


The page for the Share a map feature.



The embed output page.