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Releases: infobyte/faraday


17 Jul 13:44
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  • [ADD] Implemented Elasticsearch vulnerability ingest from Faraday for comprehensive statistical analysis. #7723
  • [ADD] Implemented workspace update functionality for changes to vulnerabilities, assets, and services. Introduced debouncer logic to prevent redundant updates to the database.#7688
  • [ADD] Added ping timeout, ping interval and logger parameters on faraday server config. #7740
  • [MOD] Changed session_timeout in config to float to allow for fractions of hours. #7737
  • [FIX] Improved SID logic to prevent inconsistencies when the server resets. Also fixed a bug where SIDs were removed using faraday-manage. #7744
  • [FIX] Improved workspaces performance. #7756
  • [FIX] Fix filtering numerical Custom Attributes with some operators. #7759
  • [DEL] Delete unnecessary websocket_port number for default server.ini configuration files. #7729


23 May 19:34
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  • [MOD] Modified parameters for interactive swagger. #7610
  • [ADD] Add services and host endoints that retrives all the information that the users has access. #7503
  • [FIX] Revised the references fetching strategy to enhance memory usage during CSV export. #7712
  • [FIX] Fixed creation of vuln from template. #7711
  • [MOD] Modify version of libraries accordingly to dependabot findings. #7691
  • [ADD] Add vuln endoint that retrives all the objects that the users has access. #7521


05 Apr 17:04
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  • [MOD] When manually creating vulnerabilities, services are now listed along with their respective ports and assigned names. #2205


20 Mar 20:53
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  • [FIX] Ignore remove_sid when database does not exist. #7690


14 Mar 18:23
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  • [FIX] Fix hosts stats when bulk delete is applied to vulns. #7676
  • [FIX] The server was not updating the agents status on restart. #7677
  • [MOD] Remove websockets port from docker-compose. #7679


09 Feb 18:33
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5.1.1 [Feb 9th, 2024]:

  • [FIX] Improve of host view performance.


08 Feb 22:02
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  • [MOD] Modify analytics type enum. #7615
  • [ADD] Performance improved in assets views making several vulnerabilities stats statics in asset's model. #7634
  • [FIX] Fix references. #7648
  • [ADD] Now custom fields are available for filtering vulnerabilities. Also add date type for custom fields. #7625
  • [MOD] We changed the order in which we set the path constant of faraday_home in order to fix a bug with faraday_manage when is installed by deb/rpm. #7653


02 Jan 18:44
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13 Dec 17:21
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  • [ADD] Breaking change We now use Celery as the main way to import reports. In addition, we have removed twisted and replaced raw websockets with #7352
  • [ADD] Added option to faraday-server to run workers. #7623


14 Nov 15:56
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  • [ADD] Exclude unnecessary fields from VulnerabilitySchema in filter endpoint. #7608