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Only available for our commercial Corporate version.

This is a feature that allows you to send data from Faraday to ServiceNow as an incident (using ServiceNow's Incident table). In order to do it, go into our Status Report, select the desired vulnerabilities, click on the Tools button and then click on the ServiceNow option. Keep in mind that only confirmed vulnerabilities can be sent.

Once the ServiceNow dialog opens, you have two options:

  1. You can use the default data specified in the [ticketing_tool] section of the ~/.faraday/config/server.ini file

  1. You can overwrite ServiceNow default data by clicking on the checkbox button and then manually input your ServiceNow credentials. Then click OK.

Note: if you overwrite only one field, Faraday will fill the others fields with the default data. E.g: if you overwrite Username, Faraday will fill the others fields with the information you have specified in the server.ini file.

Once the vulnerability has been sent to ServiceNow, add the column issuetracker so you can see a link that will lead you to this same issue but in ServiceNow.

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