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The workspaces are used to hold the information re-collected from the different tools and/ or commands used in the "actions" for each Penetration Test. Each workspace integrates all the results from pentesters from a given project in the Web console allowing you to identify and manage your information in one place.

How to manage the Workspace

To manage your workspaces you need to access Faraday's Web Interface and click on the Faraday slider menu on the right of the screen and then on Wokspaces

The workspaces you can see on a list, where you can create, edit or eliminate them as you wish.


How to make a Workspace

Web UI

From the workspaces window click on New and complete

  • Workspace name
  • Description (optional)
  • Owner
  • Start Date / End Date
  • Scope of workspace
  • Users that can access the workspace


On the General view in the GTK interface click on the New Workspace icon and complete the fields:

*Workspace Name



This is the right way to create a Workspace from command line:

Inside the directory in which Faraday is installed, create a file named, with the following code:

from persistence.server import server
import time

server.FARADAY_UP = False
#Change this with your Faraday server url
server.SERVER_URL = ""
#Change this with your Faraday server username and password
#Not necessary for community version

date_today = int(time.time() * 1000)
server.create_workspace('workspacename', 'DESCRIPTION', date_today, date_today, 'CUSTOMER NAME')

This script will create a workspace with the name "workspacename". (Don't forget to change the variables server.SERVER_URL, server.AUTH_USER, server.AUTH_PASS with your server's url, authorization username, and password! (for the Community version, it isn't necessary to include server.AUTH_USER / server.AUTH_PASSWORD))

The see the various things you can do with scripting, take a look at (in your Faraday installation directory) ./persistence/server/ .

And now, to import xml files to your newly created workspace run this in the terminal:

faraday-client --cli --workspace workspacename -r report/tmp/nmap_scan.xml

Where: workspacename the name of your newly-created workspace and report/tmp/nmap_scan.xml the path to the xml file you want to import, which in this example is named nmap_scan.xml

Editing a Workspace

From the workspace window click on Edit

Deactivating Workspaces or making them Read-Only

You can also activate/deactivate your Workspaces and/or mark them as Read-Only. This will affect the amount of active Workspaces in your license. For example, if your license has 5 concurrent Workspaces (default Professional version) and you need an extra one and don't need a previous one, all you need to do is deactivate the old one and now you can create a new Workspace for your project.

Deleting Workspaces

From the workspaces window click on Delete

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